6 Beauty tips to a perfect night skin care routine!

We mostly look after and pamper our skins prior to festivals, events such as weddings or other similar occasions. But such once in a blue on pampering is never enough for a healthy and glowing skin which should sustain for a long period of time till our old age.

Treatments on the 11th hour of an occasion may provide a temporary glow but in the long term your skin will start to develop wrinkles, sag and begin to look lifeless. So what is important is that we look after our skin all the year round and provide it with ample external nourishment and looking after, along with internal nourishment.

6 Beauty tips to a perfect night skin care routine!

However, what is crucial to remember is that, as important it is to tend to your skin during the day, it is also necessary to tend to it at night just when it’s time to go to sleep.

Ask me why!

…Because it is at night that the old cells break down to give birth to new skin cells, which should be supplied with enough nutrients for those to suck up throughout the night, in order to help your skin look healthy and rejuvenated.

Here’s what you should do to take care of your skin at night.


A normal face wash isn’t too effective in taking off the makeup from your skin, especially when you’re wearing it afresh everyday to work or college, inevitably leaving residues of it on your face. This can be quite harmful to your skin, as it clogs pores, causes breakouts and leads to dullness of skin.

Hence what you could opt for is a method of double cleansing, where at first you apply an oil based cleanser to your face to gently scrub off the makeup and then use a normal cleanser for a final wash to remove any remains of it.


6 Beauty tips to a perfect night skin care routine!

Use a face specific moisturizer before you hit the bed, because moisturizer will keep your skin feeling and looking hydrated while preventing fine lines from appearing over it. It is important that you use a good hydrating night cream suited to your skin to avoid any kind of reactions.

The moisturizer you put on your face at night must not be too thick as then it can clog pores and not penetrate the skin easily.


Exfoliation is absolutely necessary to get rid of the dead skin cells which make your face appear dry and dull. To regain the radiating glow, try and use a gentle scrubber twice every week before you go to sleep, to scrub your skin off the dry skin cells and then apply a light moisturizer.

Even though scrubbing of the skin can be done anytime during the day, doing it at night is advisable because it is when you sleep that your skin cells recover and are able to breathe freely which allows for proper blood circulation.


6 Beauty tips to a perfect night skin care routine!

If you don’t have time enough to get facials done, don’t worry. You can still give your skin the effect of a facial by exposing it to steam, which yields best results when done once every week, however you could do it once every two weeks, as per your convenience.

Steam helps in opening up pores in your skin, which may contain grime that is then easily removed when cleansed.


It is better to sleep on your back, even though it may not be comfortable to resort to for the whole of the night, because we change positions automatically as per our comfort. But try to lie on your back more often than not to prevent oil from your skin to get scraped off by your pillow covers and from fine lines to appear on your skin due to creases and wrinkles.


6 Beauty tips to a perfect night skin care routine!

At least 6 hours of sleep at night is a must, to help your skin rejuvenate and for its healthy maintenance, when you can’t rest for 8 hours at a stretch due to your busy schedule. Inadequate sleep can result in dark circles, under eye lines, dullness, and so on.

Hence, these are a few skin care tips to remember to look after your skin at night for a better and healthier looking skin that feels good.