6 Biggest exercise mistakes!

6 Biggest exercise mistakes!

Exercising is the best and most trusted way of staying in perfect shape and lots of women put in the required effort to stay in shape and look their best. They love hitting gym or jogging around the park to burn the extra calories and stay fit. But there are only a few women out there who know what can hamper their workout regime and what not. It is important that you have your basics right when exercising so that your effort does not go waste. There are a lot of things that you should know and they are:

  • Wearing cotton

Cotton clothes are undoubtedly the most comfortable option you have though wearing cotton while exercising is not a good thing to do. Cotton absorbs sweat but does not dry up easily after doing the same. As it rubs against your skin, it can cause irritation and also gives you chills, as you cool down after a tiring exercise session. So, make sure to wear a fabric that dries up easily.


  • Not wearing a sports bra

This is something every important and never ever exercise without wearing a sports bra. You are damaging your breasts if you aren’t wearing one. Wearing non-sports bra or nothing would put weight on tissues present in your breasts that can lead to sagging and pain. Hence, wear the right sports bra that fits you and you are comfortable in.


  • Wearing improper tank tops

6 Biggest exercise mistakes!

Tank tops are considered the best for your exercise but make sure that the one you wear is comfortable and fits you well. Things can go really wrong when you wear misfit tank tops especially when you have to bend for any particular exercise. Hence, while buying one, ensure that it fits you perfect from all the angles.


  • No warming up

Warming up and stretching is important both for men and women. Warming up sessions prevent injuries and make you exercise for longer. It also makes your muscles leaner and longer. Hence, make sure of warming up and doing stretching exercises before you start exercising. Doing it for only 5 minutes is more than enough.


  • Exercising in empty stomach

Most women think that working out in an empty stomach is more effective but that is nothing but a myth. Your body needs energy to perform and that is provided by the food you eat. Eat a fruit or something healthy, an hour before you start exercising. Also keep a bottle of water handy while you exercise and drink water before, during and after your workout sessions to stay hydrated.


  • No weight training

6 Biggest exercise mistakes!

Many women avoid weight training as they think that they would add muscles to their body and lose their feminine look. But that is a misconception as a women’s body does not produce testosterone and hence, lifting some weights would not make them bulky. Weight lifting helps in burning calories faster than cardio.


These are some of the common mistakes that women make without realizing that they are doing more harm than good.



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