6 common makeup mistakes

Women and make-up are almost synonymous with each other and rightly so for make-up enhances the beauty of women and makes them look more attractive. We love makeup but what about our skin – does it like the incessant makeup that we slather it with? What if our actions are damaging it permanently? There are some makeup blunders which we all make inadvertently. Knowing about them and avoiding them will do our skin a lot of good.

6 common makeup mistakes – Stop making them

Not removing makeup before going to bed

This is a mistake which all of us make at some time or other. After a tiring day at office or a hectic party schedule we simply crash into bed having no energy left to clean up the makeup. It is high time we changed this habit for makeup left overnight can irreparably damage the skin causing pimple to break out and worse leading to premature ageing of the skin. So no matter how tired you are, do remember to remove the makeup before going to bed.

Using unclean makeup brushes

Using makeup brushes that have not been cleaned properly can not only damage our skin but also ruin our look for the day. Also there is a chance of being infected from used and dirty brushes. Hence remember to clean your brushes periodically every now and then with a solution of soap and water to keep them clean and hygenic.

Removing eye makeup wrongly

When removing eye makeup, women commit the mistake of vigorously rubbing the eye area in order to get rid of makeup. But we need to realize that the skin around our eyes is extremely delicate in nature hence this area requires special treatment. We have to go gentle on the eyes else there are chances that you might develop fine lines around the eyes.

Using lots of foundation

Some women in the hope of getting a blemish free look apply tons of foundation. But that is possibly the worst mistake you can make as too much of foundation gives the face a very unnatural look. So go easy on the foundation and apply only that much as is really necessary.

Applying bronzer to the entire face

Similar to the foundation, we sometimes tend to go overboard with the bronzer and apply it in liberal doses. No doubt it is essential for looking good but bronzer should always be applied sparingly to get that perfect tanned look.

Using cosmetic for years

Every product comes with a shelf life; so also our makeup products. Women have a tendency to hoard makeup products and consequently they use products that are way past their expiry date. Using products which have crossed their expiry dates can damage the skin; hence it is best to discard products which have completed their shelf life.

It is possible that you might be making some of these beauty mistakes. But now that you know about them it is time you changed your habits and gave your skin what it really needs to stay young and healthy.

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