6 Common vaginal issues

Learn to recognize them

Vaginal health is an important part of overall health of a woman as vaginal problems like bad odor, vaginal discharge, bumps etc. can cause a lot of stress in their life and these symptoms indicates that something is wrong with the vaginal health. These signs prove that you are not paying the required attention to your body and it is time that you know what you are suffering from.

Here is a list of common vaginal health problems that women suffer from:

  • Vaginal Dryness

Symptoms associated with this are soreness, itching and burning sensation and can be due to hormonal changes in the body during menopause or due to anxiety, stress, medications, irritants like soap and other chemical products and sometimes even due to inadequate arousal. The treatment depends on the cause. Water based lubricants can be used if it is due to low libido or inadequate arousal. Make sure to consult your doctor.


  • Bumps

These are something that you need not worry about as bumps are caused by ingrown hair. A warm soak would help and you can start by wiping the area with warm water using a soft cloth. This is considered to be the best way of treating a bump or pimple caused due to inflammation of body hair follicle. If this does not help and you see an increase in the occurrence, visit your gynecologist for help. A bump can arise when a wrong technique of bikini wax is employed for removing unwanted hair. Hence, choose a good grooming salon to prevent painful experiences.


  • Smelly vaginal discharge

This may be due to bacterial vaginosis (BV), a bacterial infection. If diagnosed early, it can be treated with the use of antibiotics. If you experience a change in the consistency and color of the discharge, consult your doctor immediately.

The pH of the vagina is between 3.8-4.2, meaning it is slightly acidic and hence, prevents infection. Any kind of pH imbalance affects the natural mechanism of fighting these infections. Avoid using scented or perfumed soaps. Practice safe sex as these infections are transferred through sex as well. Avoid using unclean toilets.


  • Numbness

Lack of sensation in the vaginal area is something common that avid cyclists experience. Padding the cycle while you ride is the best way to deal with it as it would cushion your vagina and prevent numbness.


  • Itchiness

This could be due to bacterial or yeast infection. But if nothing comes out after series of test, it could be due to your soap or vaginal wash. Ask your doctor for a mild soap and stay away from products that contain chemicals.


  • Painful urination

This could be a STD or infection. Vaginal dryness and urinary tract infection can also be the causes. Talk to your doctor if it’s an infection for antibiotics and avoid urinating just before or after sexual intercourse.

Do not ignore your health and consult your doctor if required without getting embarrassed as these problems are common and experienced by many.

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