6 Crazy ideas to make a man ask you out!

DO you like a man but are scared to ask you out? Do you expect him to be proactive in asking you out instead of you having to make much efforts? Well, you are at the right place. To be clear at the start, there are too many ways here are it all depends on the situation and the stage you are in the relationship with. However, you have to be sly here if you really want you ideas to work on him effectively. It is okay if he knows that you like him, but don’t start appearing like you can’t do without him. Do this only when you are aware of your status in his life.

6 Crazy ideas to make a man ask you out!

There is something very sneaky about men. They like to have all the interest and attention of a girl first before they head out to make that move. Men calculate relationships much more than women do. So, you need to be smart here when you are trying to make him want to ask you out. If you give him the impression that you need him much more than he does, he won’t really take you seriously. So, here are a few ways in which you could make a man see the dating potential in you:



Ask your friends to help


If you have a trusted gang of friends who know that you like a certain guy and let them join you both when they next time you meet him. Ask them to tease you in public. The fact that something like that might have been embarrassing at the moment, he will still start to see you in a different light. If this happens almost all the time and he doesn’t seem to resist, you can be sure that he might just turn up with the dating proposal soon.


Ask him to join you


If you have plans with your friends and you want him to be a part of the company, you could ask him to join you. Any way you will be termed as a couple at the get together. And one conversation might lead to the other. Making him feel like a part of your core gang might spark that interest in you. In the process you will be spending more time with him which is a great thing if you want him to know more about you.


Plan according to what he does


Make sure you are keeping in touch to know what he is up to. If he is checking out a new pace them him that you were also planning the same. If he isn’t sure about his plans, tell him what you are doing. In case he is equally looking forward to spending the time with you, he will definitely ask you out knowing that you don’t have something planned for that day. Of course you can’t do this all the time for you will get caught in no time.


Act like a damsel in distress


Men like it when you evoke their primal instinct to provide for protection to the ones they love. It only makes them feel great when the woman is especially good looking. Ask for his help with little things like dropping you off somewhere or even asking him to help you shift or repair. In case he is equally interested, he will love to be around you no matter how little the excuse. Make sure you appreciate what he did and have promised to treat him for his help.


Convey that you want a relationship


There is no point bluffing about your intentions for long. If you have spent considerable amount of time with him then it is but fair to let him know how you look at relationships and if you wish to indulge in one. This will give him a clear signal that you are available for a relationship. The fact that you have given him enough hints, it will be easier for him to ask you out in case he wants to.


Meet his friends


In case he has arranged something and asked you to join him with his friends, show up! Make sure you dress well. Make sure you are flaunting your best assets. When his friends speak of you well, he will consider thinking of you seriously. To be honest, men base a lot of theirs decisions on the advice of their friends. Every man wants to have someone who is desirable by others. This gives him an ego boost. So make sure you look pretty. And most importantly, be polite and helpful. If you offend people close to him, there are chances that he may never want to ask you out.


If you can follow these I am sure you will be asked out soon. But make sure that you always have something more to offer than just a friend or else you might just end up being friend zoned.