6 Dark sides of an empath you need to know!

6 Dark sides of an empath you need to know!

In an empty room, with no one by your side, just keep on staring at a glass half filled with water. Don’t you think the water is all lonely out there? I mean no one has drunk it yet. But still it is doing its dutiful task of remaining in the vessel acquiring its shape and remaining stagnant. The water can either be thrown into the basin, drunk or either the entire glass be smashed on the ground making it break into innumerable pieces. It all depends upon human beings  after all.

Stressing on this point now let us focus on an empath. One of the finest souls ever, capable of doing tasks which others cannot – a silent observer, and an active  participator  in  other’s grieves. They are bestowed with a gift of understanding others, which in turn cannot be explained. As a partaker of empathizing with others, their soul is umbrageous  to the buoyancy  that surrounds them. But it also depresses  them with obscurity and affliction. For an empath, their reverberating subsistence is equitable, and resides within their fervour, too painful to turn a blind eye. While other’s can slender on them by assurance, certitude and entrustment, an empath deals with tear-jerking emancipation  which indeed  becomes a vigorous situation for them.



An empath’s life isn’t easy going. Pain, heartache and suffering are the primary signs seen within them, from which there is no exit. Being tied within the cobweb of other’s emotionally released series of events, the fine line between reality and experiencing other’s reality tends to get blurred out. As a result of which frustration envelopes on an empath making them land in a situation of psychologically uprooted atmosphere. What follows henceforth is a rapid succession of emotional releases in the form of discomfort, despair and  torture which seems extricating.   No matter how hard they try to escape these harsh illness, yet somewhere they do get tired fighting the race.



6 Dark sides of an empath you need to know!

An empath is scared to love, and even if they fall in love they do not give a complete commitment. They feel scared to face the reality and hence has the tendency to avoid being in a relationship. An empath knows that the love showered by his /her partner won’t last long because it is more of a lust than a full-fledged easy going relationship. Though emotions can be shared with one’s partner, yet when it comes to an empath they remain introvert, as a result of which the outspoken attitude gets shunned off , and a negative image of him/her occurs in the minds of their respective  partners. Since the  opinion keeps on varying in terms of agreeing, feelings or perfectionism, possibility of barriers are more highlighted than a blissful relationship.



There is always a darkness residing in every human being, invisible to the naked eyes. An empath is therefore, no exception. But when we specifically speak about them there is a sudden haunting spree formulating an encounter with the inner demons dwelling within. Since an empath deals with others problems so easily, the personal fear and anxieties are kept aside for a certain period of time. But slowly when they start taking shape into reality the psyche of an empath becomes unhealthy. The more an empath fights with the intrinsic hellion, the more he/ she finds himself/ herself falling into a deeper pit which more or less seems like a whammy.



6 Dark sides of an empath you need to know!

People use an empath in accordance to their tasks concerned. Since an empath’s major concern is listening to others problems they become the worst victims of being manipulated. They are merely a puppet in the hands of others for personal gain. The opinion of being nice to others slowly shrinks since the trait is abused on the oscillating ground of well being and destruction. An empath therefore, is no less than a victim  in the large ocean of the game of emotions for that particular time period only. Once the situation is back into its normal state, the gratitude of an empath is simply taken as granted. Being manipulated in terms of emotional transparency, the interpersonal and intelligence standard procedure  are relinquished.



An empath is essentially a lonely soul. Being hypersensitive in nature, an empath usually tends to shut themselves away from the world just to find peace. They understand others feelings, but when it comes to them they are unable to interact with others regarding their responsiveness as a result of which their queries remains unanswered. Since an empath gets swayed by emotions a bit too much the path seems to split into two. By swallowing the guilt of others they too in a way remains in a state of remorse. There is always a two way process between the person who sheds his grief and the empath bearing the burden. Therefore even if he is happy, the former’s sadness wouldn’t make his happiness last longer. At times there is a rush of emotions and at one point he feels void and numb depicting loneliness.



6 Dark sides of an empath you need to know!

An empath too is a human being like us. The only difference lies in the fact that they are seen as a different entity because of their nature. An empath has his own issues which cannot be categorically characterized, thereby  making themselves irrecoverable in the ocean of emotions. The positive or negative flow of rampant emotions can be a painful and devastating experience for an empath. In the process ,they feel that somebody has tied them up tightly and they are unable to loosen the grip. They want to be free and act normal, yet somewhere, somehow , the perception follows the path of an imperfection life struggling to release  themselves and breathe the fresh air once again.


So, from next time on whenever you come across an empath make sure you know the REAL person. One shouldn’t forget that they too have a life which is impossible for others to make a conclusion out of it. Never take anything for granted, especially when it comes to human beings. It is an empath’s task to heal others wounds by making himself land in that situation. But there is also a better life waiting for them if we give them a chance to know themselves more well than the auxiliary.



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