6 Gross consequences of sharing beauty products!

There’s no denying the fact, that we all have been raised with the statement “sharing is caring. “Almost everyone at some point or the other has smudged lip gloss in the ladies’ vault, splashed a cream face wash, or rather gave a stroke of blush.However, let me tell you that it is not always safe to remain casual with products especially when it falls under the category of beautification. Sharing polish beauty brands is something women do all the time, and while it may seem safe and sound it’s absolutely not. Cosmetics can be extravagant, but if you and your companion are sharing the makeup you are harnessing on your skin you will be putting yourself at risk. Here’s how!

6 Gross consequences of sharing beauty products!


The irresistible style and long lasting performances of lipstick may add a spark to your style but do you know the consequences of sharing those liquid, nude and glossy shades?Cosmopolitan reveals that cold sores can be consigned through the oral component remaining on lip liners, lipsticks, lip rouge and lip glosses. These candid play on your lips essentially leads to a filthy state and a threat of potential well being. You don’t want an impeccable appliance of lipstick to payoff in a long lasting infectious skin repair right?So, always remember to swipe a lipstick or gloss compact with a tissue before applying on your lips.



6 Gross consequences of sharing beauty products!

Our eyes being one of the most delicate features on the face must be handled with care. No matter how bright and radiant your eyes might look by applying expensive eye liner, concealers, eye brow enhancers or eye shadow, it can also result into a bad eye infection if shared. Conjunctivitis is one of the eminent widespread flu that can be instilled through the medium of profaned eye makeup and it’s awfully radial. Until and unless you are dipping into these brands with fresh moistened cotton swipes or acuminating eye lid pencils after each use and cleanthem off withliquor, these eye products cannot be disinfected.



Go on, swing and flaunt attractive multifarious lashes but make sure you don’t share your mascara or liner. Mascara in its unlighted, condensed tube is introduced to germs whenever the twig is plunged back into it. Eyelids and lashes can transmit foam, bacteria, and viruses that can sprout in that tube and be conveyed to the ensuing end user.



6 Gross consequences of sharing beauty products!

Soft squashy, moist stuffs for instance beauty blenders are the suitable ambiance for bacteria to grow and decay.

It can be alluring to use lavish cleansing brands with someone else, but never ever do it. Cleansing brushes are fanciful for mastering makeup, butare not suggestive for sharing.  While you may carefully handle clean brushes and kits to apply your luscious, soft tipsy products, your fellow mate may not. Hands are a vast transferor of bacteria, and should barely be used to apply makeup products. It’s quite obnoxious to re use those cleansing brushes untidily left behind without you being even aware of it!So use your own gel cleanser using the brush with your prevalent daily cleanser to conform your own skin care needs.



6 Gross consequences of sharing beauty products!

Relatively all women’s razors are generally designed by an enclosing design of a perfect blend of a clinch and curve to produce coziness when trimming at a flare.However, sharing can be disadvantageous because if there’s even a minute stain of blood from the razor from the anterior cut and is in return used by someone else, then it could result in forwarding blood viruses. They can spread skin ailment and bacterial impurities side by side your own skin and transmute them to someone in addition.Always remember to clean your razor by rinsing with warm water immediately after use without delay.



Using someone else’s base makeup such as foundation, face powder, compact, can result in an increase of acnes thereby making your skin worse. In substance, someone else’s acne, blackheads, oils and germs are rubbed against your face, and it’s pretty much understandable that it isn’t helpful for your skin. Benefit yourself and your skin by applying your own make up kits. While it may be convivial to share makeup products, it isn’t cost of the physical double trouble.


So, it’s time to be conscious ladies if you weren’t aware of!


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