6 Habits that are stopping you from achieving your dream body!

You are working really hard at the gym but your growth seems stagnant and you slowly lose motivation finally giving up. Too many people go through this and I don’t blame them. Keeping your motivation up without seeing any gains is a tough task to ask for. But what is it that hampers your growth even after doing it all? I researched a little and came up with a bunch of little things you may be doing that is hampering your progress. Let’s see what they are.

  • Skipping breakfast

6 Habits that are stopping you from achieving your health goals!
Let’s be honest we are always in a hurry to get to work and to get enough sleep we try to squeeze our morning activities in a minimum time possible. In the process the one thing we think is okay to miss is a good healthy breakfast. We assume we can have an early lunch and it will make up for it. That’s where you are going wrong. There’s a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. The first thing skipping breakfast does is it makes you overeat all day long. Also, your body needs fuel to start the day which comes from a balanced breakfast. If you skip this the body burns muscles in your body to complete its energy requirement.

  • Training to failure

Most of you would know exactly this means. For people who don’t, it means taking a set to the point where you can’t lift the weight one more time i.e failure. Now there are two ways you can be doing this wrong. The first is you are not doing it at all in fear of hurting yourself. But you can’t have muscle growth unless you increase the resistance on it. The same weights won’t help you get any better. So work till failure. The second way is doing it during all the sets. Now what it does is by the time you reach the last set you are unable to lift. The best way is holding this back till the last set of every exercise and going all in.

  • There’s a time for carbs

6 Habits that are stopping you from achieving your health goals!
You have to understand that your gains do not only depend on what you do at the gym. It really matters what you are giving your body to lift those heavy weights and the time you are giving them. Carbs are the major source of energy for the body, not only for your gym but also for your daily activities. If you lack in that the body uses proteins in your body which you need for muscle growth. If you don’t use the carbs they get stored in the body as fat for later use. Now to avoid that keep your carbs before noon and decrease it to a minimum by the end of the day to avoid fat storage.

  • Avoiding fats

6 Habits that are stopping you from achieving your health goals!
If you eat fat you’ll be fat, right? Wrong. You have to understand that the body needs all three nutrients i.e proteins, carbohydrates and fats to function properly. If you cut one completely it won’t function at an optimum level. Now fats are two types: healthy fats and unhealthy fats. The fats you get from nuts, olive oil or fish oil is going to help you push more and work out better. Hence don’t follow something blindly. Learn about what to eat and what to avoid so you can perform better.

  • Drinking and smoking

6 Habits that are stopping you from achieving your health goals!
If you are someone who likes to party hard almost all week then you shouldn’t be worrying about gains; because there are not going to be any. Sorry for being brutally honest here but gym gains is just not about building muscles but also about the total overall health of your body. So if you enjoy your , drinks and cigarettes a little too much; you have a choice to make. Because they might be ruining any gains that might come from your exercises. No, I am not saying to stop it completely but you’ll have to limit it to a minimum to see gains (it would be great if you can stop).

  • Trying to do everything

Just like life, you can’t do everything at the gym. You can’t get insane amount of strength, gain a ton of muscle and get a shredded body all at the same time. What I am trying to tell you here is first define what you want from your body. Because there is a particular way of training for a particular body you want. Most people try to mix it all up and lead to nowhere. The better way is to first decide how you want your body to be and then find a training program that can help you achieve it. Now all you need to do is focus on that rather than what everyone else is doing around you. This will help you achieve your goals faster.
Now, this is what I learned from my research and as a personal opinion don’t hesitate to look or ask for help if you are confused about something. It’s your body so try not damaging it by doing something wrong. Hope this helps you get the body you always wanted.

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