6 Honest reasons why he is not asking you out on a date

Liking someone may be easy but asking that person out on a real date can be nerve wrecking for a few of us. So, if this man you are around is showing every sign of liking you but not asking you out, it can actually confuse you and even irritate you in case you too have started liking him already. While you might think that it should be easy given the fact that you have been reciprocating as well, it is a common dilemma for many and trust me, you are not rowing the boat alone.

6 Honest reasons why he is not asking you out on a date

Guys usually go for one of the two ways to ask a woman out. This can either be a gutsy move where he wouldn’t care about the repercussions and dive right into asking her out or he waits for the opportune moment when he is sure about her feelings too. But if he is too used to the flirting between you both and gets everything from you without having to ask you out, he is obviously comfortable like that and probably will never ask you out because maybe you are not that great a catch where which he needs to work hard for. So, there might be either of these situations that you are in. To make things clearer, let’s get into the reasons why he is withholding himself from asking you out on a date:


It’s scary for him basically


You have been around him for some time now and you feel that your gestures have been friendly or just warm enough for him to come and speak with you whenever he wants to. But that’s how you think you have been. To him, you might be closed and unavailable or just intimidating enough to scare him away. After all, he doesn’t want to be embarrassed and face your wrath just in case you are the person who doesn’t entertain random men.


You are way out of his league

6 Honest reasons why he is not asking you out on a date

He considers you to be better than him, more physically attractive or just better intellectually. The thought of facing you brings in thoughts of rejection since you may be having better people vying for your attention and he doesn’t want to be weeded out like a nobody in case you try and insult him. So, he is confused if he should actually confront you or just let those feelings die down.


He doesn’t wish to ruin the friendship that you share


If you have been great friends for quite some time now, you both know each other in and out. If not a sexual chemistry, you share a bond like no other which is platonic in the truest sense of the term. Now, if you start dating, there are chances that this may not stay or get worse. So, staying low key about his feelings is the best way to go about dealing with his emotions rather than losing you all of a sudden by making the mistake of asking you out.


You are already in a stable relationship

6 Honest reasons why he is not asking you out on a date

He believes that you are already in a relationship with someone. Now this understanding may be induced by a misunderstanding fuelled by your mutual friends or that he is only assuming things given the fact that you have a likeable personality. If this has come to your notice that he is under the illusion of the same, then you need to carefully iron out those thoughts so that you actually make it easier for him to ask you out of the date that even you have been wanting for so long. In case you actually are in a relationship already, he doesn’t want to be a home wrecker.


You are too easily available


As much as I despise this particular factor, this is something that’s about universal in men. Everyone wants to be chasing things that allure them and once had, it doesn’t really attract them anymore. So, if you have been someone who showed an interest him already without him having to do anything much for you, then he is not really interested. Men like the chase. Making it a little hard for them challenges them to do things that will grab your attention.


He is acting like a prize


Now he knows already that you like him and that you are so smitten that one gesture from his end will make you come running to him. This is why he wants to wait and test your feelings for him or whether you are just there for the sake of it and once the infatuation wear out you will be chasing someone else. He basically wants to be sure about you because he values relationships and would like to ask someone out who he is absolutely convinced about.


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