6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks
I have always been a romantic, and to be honest I will always be. And nobody speaks romance better than Nicholas Sparks. I may be a little biased in this case because he is one of my favorite writers; but stories like ‘A walk to remember’, ‘The notebook’, ‘The longest ride’ would tilt you in my favor. The best thing about all his stories is they are all about the same thing but yet so different. With every book you read, you find a totally new perspective about love. And he does this with the help of a story that will melt your hearts. So here is a list of six lesser known books by Nicholas Sparks that will leave you spellbound.

The lucky one

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

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When a guy finds the picture of a girl in a war zone, he keeps it so he could return it to the owner someday. In a series of life-threatening situations, he escapes unscathed. He thinks it’s because of the picture, so after he returns he searches for the girl in the picture. With some lovely writing and some really moving scenes, this story would take you through a roller coaster of emotions.


The best of me

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

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A rich girl and a common guy fall in love. How many times have we read this but still Sparks somehow puts a spell on us in this tale; They don’t get together due to unavoidable circumstances and after years meet each other. One thing is clearly evident, that the love never died. So how will this end up for each one of them; A lovely story of unrequited love with one of the most beautiful endings you will ever find. This one is a delightful read for all of you


Message in a bottle

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

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The best thing about this book is the way it starts. A lady, while her morning jogging, gets a bottle with a message in it on the shore. It is written by a guy to the woman he loves and it makes the lady go in search of this guy. She finally tracks him down but does not tell him the true purpose of her being there. A beautiful story of love, loss, faith, heartbreak, and healing; ‘Message in a bottle’ will make you wanna fall in love again.


The choice

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

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One of the hottest vets in town has all the girls drooling over him except her next door neighbor. Heard this story before? But that’s where Sparks puts his magic in and makes it interesting. She already has a doctor boyfriend, she’s happy with. Would she fall for him? Will he let go? What does fate have in store for them? A beautiful read to tell you the importance of choices you make in most romantic way ever.


True believer

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

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I kept this for the last because this one makes the top five of my all-time favorite books. A New York-based journalist has love out of his bucket list after one failed marriage and he never wants to leave the city. But fate has different plans and when he goes out to investigate the mysterious lights in a small town named Boone Creek, he meets a girl who is gonna challenge his belief. Is love enough? Do miracles exist? Will he become a believer? This story makes you root for its characters. One of the finest love story I have read.


At first sight

6 lesser known romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks

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A sequel to ‘True Believer’ this story talks about love, choices, parenthood, past relationships and a lot more. Since I don’t want to ruin the story for you I’ll just say that the ending will leave you in tears with a smile on your face. Definitely a read you’ll not forget for a lifetime.

Which are your favorite books by Nicholas Sparks? Did it make it to the list; if not, let us know in the comment section.



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