6 Love lessons that you need to teach yourself

Experiences with love are unique to different people. While we may try and draw out similar conclusions, the routes to arriving at that will be different. People will have their own set of advices but none will convince you unless you have those experiences yourself. In fact advices from even the most accomplished experts in the field may not help you enough because no two experiences are exactly the same in love. After all, you are your best teacher when it comes to life lessons and love is an integral part of that. There is no one way of loving someone. You cannot predict who you fall in love with or when it just happens. Since each one of us is different and unique in our own way, our love lessons are different. Here are a few love lessons that you will need to teach yourself to derive the best possible experiences in the matters of the heart:

6 Love lessons that you need to teach yourself

Love just happens


Sometimes, no longer how rational and stable you are when it comes to making decisions for yourself, you have no control over who you fall in love with. The decisions on love that we make are guided by the subconscious state of mind. Therefore you might a checklist ready when it comes to find the right man for yourself but if you have trained your subconscious mind to focus more on what you don’t want, you tend to attract the that more. This is why some people admit to never having thought that they could land up with the person they are with right now.


Love involves sacrifices

6 Love lessons that you need to teach yourself

Love is not what movies have you believe it is. Consider it almost a full time job. You need to be dedicated and ready to compromise and make adjustment so that you can keep the other person happy. If it is always about you, your relationship is never going to succeed. Whether or not you want to, you will be dependent on the other person for your emotional needs at least. Now what that actually is, is something that you need to discover for yourself. Your experience will be different from anyone else for that matter.


Love will reinvent you


If you think you have figured it all about yourself, you are absolutely wrong. All your understandings will seem pointless when you are in love because those will be challenged every day. Love triggers and brings forth emotions that you never knew were lying latent in you. Your emotions will take a toss because of all the other feelings that will be jolted at different times while you make sacrifices and give in when you never thought you would. You will find yourself off guard most of the times and taken advantage of too. Now this realisation will come with time but it definitely hits people hard when they thought they were familiar with who they actually are.


You will know if he is the one

6 Love lessons that you need to teach yourself

You might be looking for signs to tell you that you are in love. But the reality is, you will just know when you fall in love. Things will feel very different than they actually do. There is no clear telltale signs for every matter of life. People speak from their own experiences and yours are unique to you. But yes, you will definitely be happy overall whenever he crosses your mind. That happiness is unlike any other happiness that you have felt around your close circle or just random acquaintances.


That person centres your world


When you are in love, you will find everything else around you to have lost significance completely. What only matter to you is the person and you cannot look past him. everything else comes to a halt when this person is around you.  All your emotions and deep seated desires and expectations will be directed at this man you are in love with. No matter how objective, logical or rational your thought process is; everything will be reduced to nothingness at the right time. This might actually make you look foolish but falling in love and staying true to what you promised makes your entire world take a jolt.


Love is your best saviour


Usual monotonous days are boring. Sometimes, you find it just close to impossible to getting your regular work done or going through a hard day. If you have experienced real love, you will find everything around to be at peace. Nothing that bothered you before will do so now because you know someone has your back. Just a simple text or call can take care of your mood swings because all you expect is this person to miss you and tell you how much he loves and adores you back.