6 Mistakes that result in skin imperfections!

We go through the internet every day looking for a way to get rid of the imperfections that ruin our skin. It is a fact that no one treatment can suit two people, so oft times we are left wondering from one internet page to the other, trying to find the perfect fit for our skin. However, even if we do get the treatment we ask for, it isn’t easy to maintain, for long, the results of it. We make many mistakes in our daily life that can lead to the undoing of the treatment we spend so much of our time and money on. These errors arise from some day-to-day practices that everyone indulges in, and most of the time we don’t even know how harmful it can be for the skin. Thus, here are a few things to be added to your daily skincare routine to avoid skin imperfections, and probably even cure them.



Consuming the Right Food

6 Mistakes that result in skin imperfections!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because for as long as I can remember my mother would always tell me that too many chips would ruin my skin, turns out she was right about this, like everything else. Oily food is bad news for a healthy skin is one of the many myths that surrounds acne outburst. However, this is true in some cases, it might not be the same for the majority, because like I have said in my other blogs on skincare, no two things can have the same effect for everyone. It is imperative that you avoid too much oily, sweet and salty food in your diet, but that constitutes almost everything in an average meal. Hence the right path is to eat it all in a balanced way, for an excess of everything is bad, and it cannot be denied that there is a direct connection between our stomach and our skin. A study suggests that those who suffer from regular acne outbreaks should reduce their intake of milk, and increase that of food with a low-glycemic index.



Regular Exercise


Exercise is not just to maintain body weight but a healthy skin as well. When we out our body to some intensive physical work our hormones get utilized and balanced, leading to a lesser production of oil, or other by-products that aid the growth of bacteria. At least one hour should be devoted to exercise of any sort daily. No matter how busy you are, adjust an hour into your schedule for exercise.  Note that it isn’t about ‘taking out’ time but adjusting it to suit your routine. Instead of driving home, maybe you can walk to the nearest bus or metro station, you can walk your kids to school in the morning, wake up a little early to go for a morning walk or to a yoga class. Exercise isn’t about being regular at a gym, it can take any form when your goal is a healthy skin and not just losing weight. BeFit is an online platform dedicated to providing fitness, health and wellness solutions for everybody. Their youtube channel has many videos on all sorts of exercise, from Pilates to Cardio to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which can help you exercise at home and achieve your desired target.



Using a Towel

6 Mistakes that result in skin imperfections!

Now, this is one of the lesser known things in this list. It’s best to use a towel to dry your body because the accumulation of moisture can lead to the growth of many bacterial or fungal infections. However, your face is not hidden behind clothes and thus a towel doesn’t contribute to its hygienic maintenance. No matter how regularly you wash it, some germs from drying the rest of your body will stay, and even if the germs haven’t come from your body, who is to say they didn’t stick to it when it was wet and kept in an open atmosphere. These germs that have stuck to the towel then wipe off on your skin and aid the growth of bacteria causing acne, which consequently ends in an imperfect skin. the best option is to let your face air dry, however, if you can’t manage that, then it’s best to use a clean cotton cloth to wipe your face or use facial tissues for this purpose. Another thing to keep in mind is that the skin on the face is sensitive compared to the rest of the body, thus, it should be pat dried and not rubbed on.



Using Sun-Screen and Moisturizer

6 Mistakes that result in skin imperfections!

Those with an oily or combination (dry and oily) skin often feel that they have no need to keep their skin moisturized and that it will only contribute to the already existing skin problems that they have. If you are one of them then you are very wrong, for the skin needs to be moisturized regularly to aid its recovery. Not only does proper moisturization of the skin helps in retaining moisture, it also makes the skin elastic and softer, which helps it look and feel younger. It’s best to apply the moisturizer when the skin is still a little damp for that assists better absorption. We often feel that sunscreens are only to be used when we are out in the sun, but the exposure to the harmful UV rays isn’t restricted by the walls of your home for they can be penetrated by these radiations. Even on a cloudy day, these radiations are present in the atmosphere. Thus, it’s the best use a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or more, which would help achieve the target of hydration and protection from the sun. unless a dermatologist doesn’t advise otherwise, everyone should use a good quality moisturizer with the right SPF daily.



Avoid the Pillow


Our face isn’t the only part of our body that comes in contact with our pillow during night, our hair does too. Unless you don’t wash your hair every night before going to bed (and you shouldn’t for too much of it can damage them), the head is sure to harbor a lot of dirt in it. This dirt combines with the oil that might be present on your scalp or the sweat that most definitely are there and when it comes in contact with your pillow, you risk it coming in contact with your face as well. This surely just doesn’t happen overnight but after being accumulated for a long while the germs will spread to the entirety of the pillow cover and eventually start affecting your face. Thus, you can either avoid the pillow altogether, but the best solution is to spread a clean cotton cloth on it every night, which can be washed easily the next day.



Shield the Face

6 Mistakes that result in skin imperfections!

Not all of us are blessed with a skin that has a strong immunity, thus we need to shield it from all sorts of impurities that it is exposed to when we are out on the streets. Using only a sunscreen might not be the perfect solution for many, and they would still find their skin ravaged by the sun. It is thus essential to carry an umbrella and cover your face with a scarf when traveling. To many, this sounds a bad idea because you look like a sissy, or a terrorist with your face all covered up, but some sacrifices have to be made to ensure that your skin heals. The skin has a natural tendency to heal itself, especially when you are young, for they repair easily, but too much exposure to the sun can slow down this process. Those acne scars or freckles will not go away if you keep them unprotected just because you are worried about what others will say should you try to hide your face behind a scarf. Remember that they will still talk when you have a face covered with scars.

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