6 Movie date tips to keep him watching for you!

Going to a movie date? Usually, the most common thing that couples do is they definitely watch movies together. Its fun, it’s romantic and you can snuggle. All you require is a good movie, popcorn, a couch or a cinema and – a perfect date it is. Everything in life can be made even much better, even movie nights too. All you need is these great movie date tips that you should probably keep in mind the next time you go for a movie with your partner!

6 Movie date tips to keep him watching for you!

#1 Keep it Natural

Well, your boyfriend probably doesn’t want your face foundation on his shirt or your lipstick on his lips. So if you’ve made plans on hugging or leaning against him, you need to keep the foundation dosage light and the lipstick shade lighter. Also, wear something comfortable. Don’t go too much tacky!

#2 Go for a Horror Movie

6 Movie date tips to keep him watching for you!

If you haven’t kissed yet, pick a scary movie. This way, you can pretend to be scary (even if you aren’t) and so he can “protectively” hug you. You can grab his arm or something. It’s quite true that at one point he won’t resist kissing you – just to protect you from all those scary scenes, of course! Isn’t it romantic?

#3 A good smelling perfume is necessary

6 Movie date tips to keep him watching for you!

In the dark, he sadly won’t be able to see how magnificently blue your eyes are. But – he can smell the amazing perfume you’re wearing! Keep the scent lingering every time you lean on him. It will drive him crazy. Don’t put on a very hard perfume. You partner may end up sneezing in the theatre!


#4 Be extra-punctual

If you’re going to a theatre to see a movie, show up early so you can pick the good seats!Or let’s say somewhere where people won’t stare or peep at you while you’re kissing. Still, I would suggest to not to pick the last row especially the corner seats – well, then it’s too obvious you have a dirty, dirty mind.

#5 Go for a movie that’s not much popular one!

6 Movie date tips to keep him watching for you!

To avoid children sitting next to you or an entire school making comments and throwing popcorn at each other, pick a movie that isn’t too popular. That way, you will have peace, and it will be more romantic without all the annoying viewers making comments or guessing how the movie’s going to end.

#6 Forget about your phone

Don’t even bring your phone in between. It’s rude and not very polite. Even if your date doesn’t mind (and secretly he does), you’re disturbing other people, too. Also, you’re showing you have bad etiquettes, and bad etiquettes aren’t really sexy, are they? And if you’re so much worried about your phone then why have you come for a date?


I hope you enjoyed reading movie date tips for girl (exclusively 😉 ) and I hope you would have your best romantic movie date. Who knows, maybe it’s a start of a love story worthy of a movie made after it! If you also have ever gone for a movie date, do share your experiences with us in the comment section below! We would love to hear it from you!