6 Qualities that you need to steal from confident women right now!

Confidence is perhaps the best quality to have these days. It helps you sail through the most difficult times with ease. You can either fake it or be genuinely confident, but this is a trait that’s hard to keep at all times, at all circumstances. Initially the best to develop confidence would be to fake it. This will help you get adjusted within a period of time. Confident women deal with almost all situations better. Because they know things and also can strategise better. Here are a few qualities that  most confident women have. You need to steal these and incorporate them in your life as soon as possible.


They don’t seek others’ validation


Confident women judge situations well. They know where to exhibit their confidence. This is what sets them apart from people who act know-it-all. Those who lack confidence or try too hard to fake theirs, do not genuinely believe in themselves. This is why they need to shout it out in front of people. They believe that people’s validation is more important and hence they try harder and in fact look fake. Genuinely confident women will keep their goals to themselves and work silently. They know what they deserve and how worthy they are. they therefore don’t seek validation from others.


They know when and how to say ‘No’


Confident women don’t need people approval. they don’t place so much trust and confidence in others that they have to abide by someone else. They draw lines where they have to. They don’t let people cross it. This is why they know when to decline requests. They are aware of the choices they make and hence it is easier for them to decide on where to set the limits for other people. If they don’t approve of something, they will be blunt. Whether you like it or not they won’t do what you want them to do just because of some stupid obligation that you will try to place on them. This is valid in all circumstances. Be it workplace, relationship, family or friends.


They are more open to ideas


Confident women understand what knowledge means. They want to know more to enrich themselves. Even if they don’t approve of or dislike what others say they don’t consider that and attack on their ideas. They believe in themselves and wish to get better each day and are therefore more open to listening to what people have to say. Over confident people don’t consider others to be better than them, On the other hand, confident people understand the value of listening more than talking. Because they know that what makes them confident is the knowledge they gain through learning and experience. The more they interact, they more they learn.


They work on their shortcomings

 6 Qualities that you need to steal from confident women right now!

Confident women are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They know how to play that well. They are even aware of how to use their weaknesses to their advantage. They are more accepting of their shortcomings because they know that nobody is perfect. How they look is not always their priority even if they don’t put that aside completely. They are more inclined towards working on whatever sets them behind others and will look for all avenues available to do the same. They are aware that flaws don’t become a part of your identity as much as you accomplishments do. Hence they are busy chalking out their plans to reach their goals.


They pull others up


Confident women are not jealous. They know what they have. They know that nobody else can be them. SO there is no point pulling others down on their way to success. Instead they make it a point to make others lives better. This is why they are genuinely happy when others success. They don’t get into stupid comparisons because they know that each one is unique. They will provide all the support others need when they are in trouble. They are more selfless.


They don’t depend on destiny

Confident women are goal seekers. They know that there are no shortcuts to success. They are ever ready to work their way through all hurdles and accomplish tasks assigned to them. They like to deliver and not make excuses. Sitting around, wasting time is not their way of doing things in life. They are more methodical and organised with their life. Of course they suffer setbacks just like everyone else. But what sets them apart is their attitude to never take ‘No’ for an answer. They will work till they achieve. They may not always have the best possible solutions. But what they do know is they can always ask for help and there is no shame in that. They always want to keep learning and that what makes them winners.

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