6 Reasons why you should date men with beards

Almost any man you notice these days has a luscious beard. Call it laziness to trim the beard or a latest fashion trend which everyone seems to be following these days, men will beards are a hot catch nonetheless. Are you eyeing a man with a beard and wondering if he is worth the effort? Or are you in a relationship with a bearded man and want to know what makes him the best? A full grown beard is a common sight even during the hot summer months let alone the winters when this was common during olden days. I think that the majority of us do like the full bearded look over a clean shaven man any day.

6 Reasons why you should date men with beards

In comparison to men, women tend to have a more evolving fashion trend. What is popular now goes out of trend juts in a few months. No matter how annoying that sounds, it is the reality. However, trends in men linger for quite some time. In fact, the bearded trend has stayed this long probably because women can’t seem to take their eyes off men who can carry a well groomed beard. Before I move ahead with the topic, I guess it might be sounded really funny when you went through the title of the article. I mean what has a beard got to do with how good a boyfriend may be? To know this, read along to understand why men with beards make the best boyfriends.


Their level of patience is quite high


Growing a beard is no one day affair. It actually takes time. Sometimes longer depending on the man. It needs more care and grooming each day so that it grows the way these men expect and stay in place. Sometimes, women need to be dealt with a lot of patience. Well, that’s how we are. So, if a man could be so patient with a beard, don’t you think they will continue with that trait when they are dealing with you as well?


He can experiment more often


Visuals are a great source of internal stimulation. Sometimes, just a thought of a bearded man can make us go weak down in our knees. They just bring our fantasies alive. So, when he has a thick beard, he can experiment with the way he looks. The same kind of everyday look can be a very monotonous affair. However, when he can style his beard and try out more varied looks, he juts looks like a different person every time. This way changes can be really exciting at times.


They won’t nag if you take too long

6 Reasons why you should date men with beards

Some of us ladies take a long time to get ready. In fact, five minutes can turn into hours. Sadly, there is no cure for it! (HAHAHAH!) However, if your man has a beard, he will be able to connect with the trouble that you go through in getting dressed. he will be in a better position to appreciate the fact that you need to groom yourself. This is because he does his own grooming too and knows the pain involved. So, if you are someone who take that long to get ready, make sure you have a bearded man!


His masculinity is unparalleled


Guys with a beard look super masculine. This might sound shallow because you might have come across men with thick beards but still have a very feminine side to their personality. But whatever it is, at least externally they do appear manly which is a huge turn on when you wish to initiate sex. Also, men with a luscious beard tends to have a higher level of testosterone than those who don’t.


People really don’t want to mess with him


Women like to feel very protected when they are out with a man. A man with a beard is generally treated with more respect. In fact people tend to be more cautious when they are around. This is probably because of the air of a strong personality that they carry with themselves. Also, the high level of testosterone that they have proves that are more physically stronger as well. Therefore when you are with him w=you will feel much more safer and happier.


They have lower commitment issues


Committing to growing that beard is great stuff. That are in a better position to understand the troubles involved and more prepared to take on the challenges. Sometimes, it is a uphill task to have a man commit to you. Those with beards have a well defined approach to looking at things. They don’t generally stay confused. This only assures you of the peace that comes with a relationship with such men.


Although this may sound generalised, sometimes, men without beards can be better boyfriends too. What truly matters is your interest and what makes you really happy about the man you are with.