6 Reasons why first love is special!

When we think of our first love, we reminisce the time we were in high school or college, with butterflies in our heart and a churning in the pit of our stomach whenever we saw him/her and the feelings quadrupled when we started dating each other, officially. The news of a student dating would spread through the corridors like a rapid fire, and each student would know about it.

Why is first love so special and powerful?

First love is something one can never forget. However, hard one tried. It is innocent, unadulterated and special. It is something that will forever be ingrained in our memories. Not because our first love was perfect but because we were, our thoughts were impure, and all the worries were filtered from our lives. In fact, we had none at all. In fact, we were occupied with the ‘euphoric’ feelings, that we had but little time for something else.

Whenever we enter a new relationship, we compare it with our first love. We try to invoke the same feelings we experienced back then. Not only does it have an effect on our romantic lives, but it also shapes our perception, the way we see the world. If our first love experience was bad, we believe that being in a relationship is a downfall and not every guy who says the three golden words, means it. If our experience was a happy one, we perceive things surrounding the belief that men are honest, and love is real.

So why is first love so special, so unforgettable, so powerful and so deep? Let’s explore the answers about first love.

1. Because it is our ‘First’ Love

6 Reasons why first love is special!

If I ask you about all your first experiences with your first love such as the first hug, cuddles, holding hands for the first time, first kiss and the first time you had sex, you will blush up like a clown. It is the first time you experience the thrill, the happiness and the reality of it all. It is impossible to forget.

2.Because we are happy

6 Reasons why first love is special!

First love is emotionally intense. It is like stepping on a roller coaster ride with nervous, sweaty hands and numbness in the mind. It is that feeling when you look forward to what happens in the future. We are euphoric, we are happy, and there’s nothing like this sweet and intense experience.

3. Because it’s innocent

6 Reasons why first love is special!

When we step into the garden of first love, we do not do it with malicious intentions of destroying flowers and the sheer beauty of it. We don’t consider the thought of a monster entering that garden and ripping our bodies apart.

We focus on the good things; not pros and cons. We enter that relationship only because our heart wants to. It is newly born, and it is innocent, but when it’s gone, it never comes back.

4.Because we are carefree

6 Reasons why first love is special!

Generally, when we dive headfirst into a relationship, we are young, probably in school or college. We are not sacked with responsibilities, paying taxes, earning a living, managing a house, worrying about a career and the likes.

The only thing that bothers us is to get good grades, and there’s a lot of time for love, for some excitement. So we go for it. As we grow up, we are burdened with responsibilities and we never get a chance to live that carefree moment again. It’s lost with time, leaving permanent marks on our memories.

5.Because we believe in a perfect couple

6 Reasons why first love is special!

First Love is the time when you believe your relationship is perfect and meant to be ever lasting. You are happy with whatever you have; there are no regrets, no conditions, no expectations and no hurt, only acceptance of each other. It’s just the two of you in your lovely world.

But when that illusion of a perfect life is shattered, you start looking for it in other relationships. You want it back though you know it’s impossible to.

6.Because it shows us reality

6 Reasons why first love is special!

Just the way first loves creates a magical safe world for us, it breaks it into millions of pieces like a shattered mirror. All our hopes of living the perfect life are battered and regret starts crawling in. Not to forget, the false consolation we give ourselves that one day, the messed pieces of the puzzle of our life will be glued back together. It pushes us back to reality. And that’s what makes it all the more special!

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