6 Reasons why foreplay is as important as sex!

Most of you reading this must have hit the gym or played some sport in your life. What’s the first thing you do when you get to the gym or start the game? You warm up. All coaches tell you how important it is, warming up before exercising or playing. Let me tell you it’s the same with sex, but here it’s called foreplay. Many people regardless of the gender feel the foreplay is not that important when it comes to sex. Let me correct you here foreplay importance to sex as warm up is important to exercising. You can underperform if you don’t do it. To convince you here are some reasons why foreplay is important.

6 Reasons why foreplay is as important as sex!


It’s sometimes even more pleasurable than sex

No matter who you are the main act can never be extended for hours. So you’ll be done soon with it and then you have to get back to work. But if you got time then you can get all the pleasure you want for as much time you want if you keep the foreplay going. Also, foreplay when done right can provide more pleasure than sex which gets you in the good books with your lady.

Foreplay stimulates which means better sex

6 Reasons why foreplay is as important as sex!
Think about every single epic movie you have seen. What if I remove all the buildup and anticipation and just tell you the climax? It won’t be that epic anymore. The same goes with sex, you can’t expect an amazing climax without working on the foreplay. A good foreplay stimulates the body for a pleasurable climax. So next time you want to get more pleasure don’t slack on the foreplay.

Know each other’s likes and dislikes

Not everyone knows everything about sex and also we don’t know what a person prefers and not. So if you directly proceed to sex it may mean that you are never sleeping with that person again. You need to understand their likes to please them and the best way to do that is during foreplay. This not only makes them happy but also lets you know exactly what to do when you are having sex with them.

Increases intimacy

6 Reasons why foreplay is as important as sex!
If it’s your partner or a one night stand intimacy always helps to heighten the experience in bed. There is something very exciting to explore your partner’s body before doing it. Foreplay helps to increase the intimacy and hence helps you pleasure them well in bed. Listen to what your partner likes either through what they are saying or through the sounds they make.

Show your strengths

The question about size is always floating around but if your foreplay game is strong the size would never be a matter. You won’t be able to impress them during sex because you won’t get to show what you are good at. So use your foreplay to show them what you know and how good you can be. This will make them want you even more.

Foreplay helps her to reach orgasm

6 Reasons why foreplay is as important as sex!
Generally, women can last longer in bed as compared to men and hence we tend to run out of juice in some time. If you are someone who skips the foreplay and proceeds with sex then there are high chances only you are getting an orgasm in all this. And that means that you are not looking after your partner’s needs. That makes you a selfish lover and nobody likes that. So if you want to get her an orgasm work on your foreplay.
These are some of the reasons foreplay is a must. If we missed something please add it in the comments.

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