6 Reasons why he did not call you back

We all have been through this sorry state of being stood up without an explanation. We keep wondering what happened to the point of blaming a killing ourselves while finding the reasons. In the process we end up assuming so much that a feeling of hopelessness creeps in. Although the reason might vary depending on the kind of a person he is, however you can still draw a pattern while reading the minds of men. There is not much difference when they decide to just push you off the cliff and choosing to stay unanswerable. If he did not call you back, accept it, he just doesn’t want to hurt you with a harsh truth. If you are still wondering what happened, here are a few reasons that could be why he didn’t make that effort:

6 Reasons why he did not call you back

He is interested in someone else


This is perhaps the most obvious thing that you could think of. You may not wish to listen to this right now, but he has already found another catch to keep himself busy with. If he did commit to staying exclusive with you, then the natter could be different. But if you are still in the initial phase of dating where nothing substantial was discussed, you should assume that he hasn’t given up on dating other women altogether. If you did want him so bad, then you should probably let him know.


He has his priorities set


You might fancy believing that this guy has nothing else to do other than entertaining you, but know this straight. He is also someone who has other priorities in life. Dating doesn’t pay his bills. He has his family, a job, his friends, his own space. There could be a host of those reasons that are keeping him busy or an emergency that desperately needs his attention. You cannot expect him to be clinging to you all the time. However, if it is clear to you that he has time for everything else but you, then probably he you don’t even figure in his priority list.


You are a part- time engagement


Men are generally competitive when it comes to pursuing things that catches their attention. But if you are someone who is there but still not too important to have him all to yourself then you are just a part- time fling. There are no intentions of seeing a future with you. So, he just chose to keep things low key by not letting himself get too frequently in touch with you. While it is difficult to understand if you are a fling or he is genuinely busy, keep a check on his social media if you are connected there. You will get your answers if he is regularly posting about his social engagements or he has been completely absent.


You rushed all too soon


He might have liked you on the first date. And then when you started to open up about your future plans, he got a little intimidated. While he isn’t yet decided about what he wants or when he wants to start a family, you have been vocal about it making him scared. While marriage and kids may sound normal to you, it may have gotten him crazy. Not just this, ambitious women too are scary for most men. They just can’t handle or imagine someone trying to outrun them when it comes to dreaming big. This is why he concluded that both of you may not be a perfect match for each other.


He doesn’t want to hurt himself

6 Reasons why he did not call you back

He has been in this situation before and has ended up being too emotionally involved. He has trust issues and he cannot figure out how to get back to the normal dating phase. He likes you and admires you the way you are and at the same time he knows that he can’t help but get too attached to you. Just to save himself the pain if being rejected by you, he did not call you back, Probably he realises that he is not good enough or you and chances of you dumping him in the future are  strong.


He is not financially stable


Another reason why this man chose to refrain from calling you is because you are high maintenance. He understands that he cannot Give you what you need and in the long run he will end up cursing himself for not being able to provide for you. You like happening places, have elaborate travel plans or might be spending too much on yourself. This was evident when he first met you. So he has already analysed what it would take to keep you happy materially. On the other hand, he survives on a bare minimum and he cannot afford to waste his money on luxurious things.

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