6 Reasons you are not getting laid!

You are going on a new date every weekend but as soon as the time comes when you have to drop her home, hoping that she would call you up for a coffee, she walks away with a simple goodbye and you never hear from her again. All the pleasant efforts you had put in for your date seems to be unrewarding and demotivating. You keep wondering that after the perfect meal, sweet gestures and some meaningful conversation, where did you go wrong? If you are stuck in the discourse of confusion as to why women are disinterested for some action after the date, here are the possible reasons you are getting sacked over and over.

6 Reasons you are not getting laid!



Oops! No matter how hard this hit you but this could be a reason. I have a lot of friends who after returning from a date complain that they would never see the guy again because his mouth smells awful. The first step to getting laid is a nice gentle kiss and if your breath smells bad, you have put barriers to all everything that is waiting for you. You may be a wonderful kisser but how is it useful when nobody wants to come near those lips?




You guys had a great evening together and while returning she showed interest in having a night stay at your place. This is a great hint that she might be looking to take things a notch higher. But you see a difference in her behavior and all of a sudden she pulls up an excuse that a problem broke out and she has to be home as soon as possible. The reason could be your filthily kept room. The trash cans that you never thought of clearing, the used condoms lying on the floor and the leftovers of wafers you had while binge watching television shows. All this serve as a great disappointment for someone thinking to share a special experience with you on bed.



6 Reasons you are not getting laid!

You love your pooch unconditionally, no doubts there! But she may not be an animal lover. If your pets keep intruding you guys in between and you have to allot a lot of time managing your pet than paying attention to her, she may get turned off. Sometimes pets get over excited on seeing a new person and for someone who is not so fond of pets, may get scared or feel uneasy. If you have a date, try sending your pet to a kennel or drop him at a friend’s place who is willing to take care.



The pace at which you are leading things may be too fast. She might be expecting a kiss and some cuddling and that’s all. While you on the other hand may have dropped your pants. This will leave an impression on her that you are desperate for sex and she would never like to hear from you again. There is a gracefulness as to how you have conceptualized your moves and if it doesn’t feel like a flow, you are surely putting the other person in an unruly situation.



6 Reasons you are not getting laid!

Bad kisses are a huge turn off.  As it is rightly said that ‘a kiss can tell’. Your kiss is like a sneak peak of your performance on bed. You may kiss her too tight to show how much you want her but that is a really bad move. She is not hoping you to gulp her lips and take it down your throat to make her feel special. You can gently plant a kiss on her lips and charm her with the serenity. If you don’t brush up your kissing skills, there is a very scarce chance of you getting laid in your upcoming dates as well.



The coffee that you ordered hasn’t even been served but you have dumped details about your expensive watch and suit that you are wearing. You may be trying to impress her by telling her about your achievements but mind you, she would appreciate if you throw some attention on her too. She is on a date with you not to find out about your bank details or how much money you spent on your last shopping. The worst is that after talking for hours about your luxuries, you are reminded of your rationale and you ask to split the bill. I am sorry but what are you even thinking my friend?


So, I hope that the above content was a bit of an enlightenment if you fall into the category of people who are too fond of their egos or often forget to chew gum after having a meal. These are the normal reasons that women put up for not seeing their dates again. So, if you are not getting laid after putting giant efforts, these could be the shortcomings. Make sure that you work on them and hope you have the best date next weekend!