6 Reasons why it’s okay to avoid a committed relationship!

Relationships are not easy. In fact, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to be in a committed relationship, you need to weigh the situation well before you finally decide to dive in. Being with someone is a serious decision. The fact that you are dealing with someone’s emotions, you need to be all the more careful. Breakups are pretty much a part of relationships these days. Commitments have been diluted to the point that there is no set definition for the same.

6 Reasons why it's okay to avoid a committed relationship!

Nonetheless, the fact remains that a committed relationship involves much work that is hard enough for people to do justice to. There are too many variables involved in making a relationship a successful one and it is rather wise enough not to involve yourself in a situation that you are not ready for. Here are a few reasons why deciding to stay out of committed relationships is completely okay.


You are happy staying friends


Sometimes, people want to take their friendships to a different level just to test if they could work out as a couple. However, your friendship may stand the risk of being driven to the point of no contact for eternity in case the relationship doesn’t work out. So if you are happy with being just friends with this person, then it is a good enough excuse to stay out of a committed relationship.


You can’t pretend


Most people these days try and have or get things done by pretending. In the process they end up hurting someone who might be a serious person. Moreover, if you end up being in a relationship pretending to like the person, it is doomed to fail right from the start. A half hearted attitude towards a relationship is a sure-fire way to kill it. You might have a promiscuous personality and cannot stay committed for long. So, if you are not ready, it is better you opt out rather than be pretentious and hurt the person for your selfish gains.


You want to keep your professional life separate


Do you like someone at your workplace? That is perfectly okay if you have all the genuine feels for this person and cannot imagine your life without this person. However, there are risks involved. Your professional life needs to stay away from your personal. If you mingle the two, then there are chances that your productivity at work might be affected. Hence, your career may be doomed. In case you are someone who likes keeping both the professional and personal life separate, it’s okay to avoid getting into the hassles of a committed relationship.


You have larger goals in life

6 Reasons why it's okay to avoid a committed relationship!

You have set certain goals for yourself and you feel like a committed relationship might hinder your progress and act as an impediment to your development strategies. It is important to have your personal goals fulfilled first so that your life can smoothen out later. Commitments can have the effect of slowing down your pace because it comes with its own set of struggles and stresses. So, if you want to stay absolutely focused on what you want to achieve, then it’s understandable.


You are sensitive


You are aware of the troubles involved in making a relationship last. Your sensitivity and the smallest of changes in a partner’s behaviour affects you drastically. You have a fairly good understanding of how relationships work. This because of a previous experience with an ex or because of what you have observed around yourself. Hence you wish to protect yourself from the pain involved and stay away from a committed relationship.


You wish to wait for the right person to come along


You don’t wish to be in a relationship just for the sake of it. A committed relationship takes time and patience. So, instead of being hasty about your relationships you would like to wait and see who is worthy of your time and interest. You are not affected by peer pressure or what your family says about settling down

You wish to take the sole liberty to decide who you should settle down with according to your own preferences. Hence, you are in no hurry. You only want to wait for the right time to decide on the right person. You would rather avoid trying your luck with random people.


How you decide to lead your life is completely your own prerogative. You should have the liberty to decide likewise. So, if you wish to stay out of a committed relationship, it is completely okay. There is need to feel dejected if you are still single and yet to choose a perfect life partner.