6 Reasons to squat daily!

6 Reasons to squat daily!

Going to the gym daily becomes quite hectic. With workload and other presentations to submit keeping the deadline in mind, exercise and gym is the least of our concerns. But there is one quick exercise, that can be done for a duration of 15-20 minutes per day, without having to hit the gym.



Here are a list of advantages of doing squats daily!


Toned Legs

6 Reasons to squat daily!

Squatting tones your legs and buttocks. It gives your butt and legs the ideal shape and curve. Squats will tone your bottom and make it look voluptuous instead of overweight or too skinny. It will give your calf muscles a marvelous shape that every woman will crave.



Of course, squat helps in losing weight. You will shed weight like no other – maintaining beautifully toned legs – if you squat on a daily basis. The shape of your body will remain as attractive and young as it used to be. You will not only lose weight, but also will you shed age.



6 Reasons to squat daily!

You don’t need to hit the gym. You don’t need equipments. You don’t even need a fixed time! It is an absolutely free of cost exercise. All one needs to do is youtube the video to learn the correct and most efficient technique. And the rest is effortless cake-work. Video on Learning How to Squat in 5 Minutes is available here! Click to watch.



Did you know that squats will help improve your posture and stance? It gives you a confident gait, stance and posture making your figure upright, firm and attractive. Your well-toned calf muscles will emanate confidence and give you a stance that will turn heads.


Digestive Purposes

6 Reasons to squat daily!

Working out also helps in increase your metabolism rate, improving your digestive system – making your bowel movements function smoothly on a daily basis. It gets rid of your constipation problems, keeping you cheerful, glowing and happy!



A daily dose of squats will energise you and make you more productive. If you squat in the morning, it will awaken your entire body – making you active and fresh – energised enough to accept any challenge that comes your way in the most positive way!


Therefore, squat daily and emanate positive vibes only! Happy Squatting, Ladies!



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