6 Reasons you should Take a break from dating

Dating is a fun experience. Whether the experience is bad or good, that is a different story but it surely is a learning experience. If you have been dating for quite some time now, you will realise that it can sometimes take a toll on you when everyone you meets brings along with themselves a flicker of hope, but sadly nothing materialises after a date or two. While you might love the initial days when they move mountains to win over you, the later experience is annoying when the spark slowly fades and you are left wondering if they were ever good enough to deserve you. After a series of bad dates, you may be frustrated and dejected. If this is what you have been dealing with off late, here are a few reasons why you could consider taking a break from dating for the time being:

6 Reasons you should Take a break from dating

You are scared of being single


Many of us want to be in a relationships just so that we don’t end up being alone. Often seeing our friends meet and be with wonderful people makes us crave for a similar kind of a relationship which is why we keep looking for the best prospects. If you are one wrong those who that just for the sake of killing your loneliness, you will always end up making the wrong choices for yourself. If you need a fruitful relationship, you first have to decide on what you want and then head ahead into the dating arena.


You focus on your dates more than yourself.


Dating can lead to a state where you almost forget about yourself and try judging yourself from his point of view. You can never be confident of yourself if you end up validating yourself like that. No matter how you are being treated on the date, that should never be the benchmark of analysing your self worth. If he ill treats you, you should still be up on your feet caring less about his opinions and seeking peace in the way you truly are. If you always end up letting the man decide on how good you are based on his perceptions then you should ruminate and give dating a break until you resuscitate yourself with some confidence.


You have been neglecting your core circle

6 Reasons you should Take a break from dating

If you are in a relationship or dating since quite some time, you must if noticed if you were careful enough that you have sidelined your friends and family for the sake of giving him time. No matter who you are dating, your friends should never be made to feel like sidekicks. They have been there with you since a long time and you should continue seeing them as you did before.


You don’t value time


Time lost is never gained. When you are dating someone, you give it your all without even thinking if this person will still be with you in the long run. If you are lucky and enough and things take off well, it is a win- win situation and you time is worth every investment that you made. Now if he isn’t the one you would like to move ahead with and things take a wrong turn, you’ll regret the time lost that you could invest in something productive. How often are you actually willing to take that risk and fall for someone again and again? If you have been through a streak of such experiences, you should probably take a break and give the quest to find your ” Mr. Right” some rest.


To gain control over your finances

6 Reasons you should Take a break from dating

If you are someone who has been dating for quite some time now, you do realise that dating isn’t inexpensive. Trying to look perfect, being at the most happening places and even taking care of this person’s needs at times can burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t maintain some control over your finances. At times, we tend to rather save money than spend it on ourselves even when retail therapy does the job of maintaining our sanity from the usual humdrums of life. Then why don’t we actually calculate when we choose to spend the hard earned money on someone we barely know?


Stay exclusive to attract the right ones


When you start going out with anyone and everyone you are interested in on dating apps, you send the wrong signal of settling for just about anyone. Try being on your own, staying secure in your own company and even taking care of your priorities first. Chances are your unavailability to anyone and everyone will make you more desirable and attractive to men around you. When you start doing this, you will notice the changes that come about in the kind of men that are attracted to someone as strong as you.

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