6 reasons you must adore your mother!

6 reasons you must adore your mother!


Mothers are the most beautiful and important character of any woman’s life. They say, god could not be present everywhere, so he made mother!

Mothers always support you, irrespective of their own thoughts and viewpoints. She will stand by you, each time you fall, hold you up and guide you to the right path.

Here are 6 reasons you must absolutely adore your mother.

  • She bore you out of so much pain :

    Imagine carrying a flower pot on your waist for 9 months regularly. Sleep with it, walk with it, sit with it and what not! It will also eat half of what you eat leaving you hungry most of the times. Easy? Your mum did this for you. She handled that excruciating pain to bring you to this world.


  • She shares everything :

    6 reasons you must adore your mother!

    You wouldn’t sit back hungry sharing your meal with someone else if you had just a little of it. Would you? Our mothers do. She will make it a point to share everything she has, with you.


  • She understands and cares:

    In this little mean world, where every relationship eventually comes up on a give and take circumstance, your mother will be there for you selflessly. She will understand your fears and dreams. She will look after your needs and desires. She will stand by, come what may!


  • She will go mad at people who hurt you :

    We all have those friends, our mother secretly hates, because they once made us cry or are not just with us. And that teacher who always keeps nagging about your project, however harder you try to make it the best. Your mother will hate all of them and risk an argument if she goes crazy about it!


  •  She is the best cook:


    Moms are the best cooks in this world. They cook the most delicious food, many times a day, without complaining just to see you grow in a healthier manner. She will try new recipes for you and learn new things to incorporate healthy things into your diet.


  • She sacrifices :

    6 reasons you must adore your mother!

    We won’t sacrifice any thing, for anybody! That’s how we all are. Mothers sacrifice their time, aspirations and hopes to see us bloom in our own manner. She is the one who lets you breathe open your dreams and live them fearlessly.



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