6 Sexy Things your man wants you to do more often!

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, there are things that you want to ask your partner to let go and be more comfortable about when he is with you. This is just the same case with men too. While the best way to let each other know is to communicate more often than just keep assuming, sometimes he might just wish that he did not have to nag about a few things that he naturally wants you to understand. While we don’t speak for all men and don’t hold the intention to tell you that your man is equally demanding, here are a few instances that you could make a note of if you wish to keep the list of complaints from piling up:

6 Sexy Things your man wants you to do more often!

Let go of that shyness sometimes


While it’s okay to be shy and let him take the initiative sometimes, your partner also wants you to understand that he needs you enjoying the moment more than trying to remain in your zone and letting him wonder what move to make. He won’t judge you all the time. He also wishes to see what’s hidden underneath the facade that you hold before the whole world. So, let go of all those reservations that you have harboured for so long and enjoy those intimate moments without letting all the other worldly issues affect you. [Read: Shy? 5 great sex positions just for you!]


Make the first move

6 Sexy Things your man wants you to do more often!

We often fear being judged or don’t really care about initiating something as simple as a kiss. Stop thinking so much and get yourself naked unexpectedly. Touch him in places that you know are his weak spots. Guide him to places where you enjoy the most. This will send enough signals for him to understand what you are craving for. It will be a pleasant surprise for him especially if he is not used to seeing you take charge in the bedroom. If your man is always the one initiating sex, he might be driven to a point of thinking that you don’t love him enough or that you just don’t care.


Don’t insist on dimming the lights always


While dim lights can be very exciting, giving your man ample areas to visualise will set his heart racing. Men like to see and derive pleasure. Even if you are not comfortable in your own skin, you should work on having sex in the daylight or with bright lights on. It can add some spark to your love life when he knows how confident you are with him. Sex is not just about the physical touch but should also be a treat to all the senses including sight. Let him admire what you have got! [Read: Sexual strengths and weaknesses of each Zodiac sign!]


Engage in sexting


You cannot devalue the importance of having your man anticipate all that you have hinted at with these texts throughout the day. Drive him crazy visualising what you would do to him once he gets back home. Throw some clues creatively. If your man has been acting crazy for quite some time and you have withheld sex, sexting can be a good way to tell him your desires explicitly. Get kinky while you respond to his messages. Either you try and be naughty with your words while giving subtle hints or write an explicit text stating exactly what you are going to do. You never know he might just give you a surprise visit or a long night that day! [Read: 5 Reasons why sexting is good for your relationship!]


Don’t fear something adventurous


You might be used to having plain, bring sex waiting for him to just jerk off as soon as possible. Or you have tried but refrained from making things adventurous. Whatever it is, try out something new that he has always told you about but withheld just because you were too shy or scared. To have a great love life, you need to be able to keep things spicy every now and then. Try blindfolds, BDSM, anal or even give him a blow job if you have always kept that way off your limits.


Let him please you


Most of us like to believe that men don’t really bother about heading south. Just like us, they also like to take charge and please you. Ask him to do it. Get him engaged in doing what you have always fantasised about. You might be surprised at how bad he has been wanting to do that more often with you. When you tell him what to do, it gives him more confidence that you like what he does. In fact he may try and get better. Men like to stay under the impression that what they are doing to you is great. It just pumps their ego hard. He will love to go for the power show in proving his sexual prowess. [Read: 5 Secrets to pleasure your man on the first night]

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