6 Signs of a bad relationship you should not put up with

Relationships can start off well initially but it may not take much time to sour. Before our relationship turns from great to bad you should aware of the signs so that you are well prepared about when to leave. If you are going through tensed periods with your partner, you are definitely wondering if you should call it quits. In fact, when the signs of a bad relationship are very evident, you should find ways to get out of it as soon as possible or else your other relationships, as well as your career and mental peace will suffer. Everyone wants a relationship that makes them happy giving them the same feels like it always has since the very beginning. Staying in a good relationship is important to keep your values intact. If you have doubts whether your relationship is bad or not, you will  find your answers here:

6 Signs of a bad relationship you should not put up with

Absence of communication


When you can talk to your partner about anything and everything, you have a great relationship. If you find it difficult to convey you emotions to the person you are in a relationship with, then there is a huge lacunae that needs to be bridged. In order you both of you to derive the maximum happiness from your relationship, you should be able to be as open as you can with each other. When you are scared or something blocks you from communicating with your partner, your foundations are weak and you will never be able to set this right unless you put in some serious hard work. [Read: The real reason you suck at finding love based on your Zodiac sign!]


Humiliating remarks


If your partner has the habit of putting you down in front or people and even in private, then there is absolutely no respect that you have for each other. No matter how close you are and what kind of openness you share with your partner, if his remarks are so humiliating that it makes you upset, then his intentions for you are terrible wrong. You should command the highest form of respect from the man you love even if that means you have to set high standards for yourself. Jokes should make you laugh and not make you feel humiliated and embarrassed. [Read: 7 Ways to deal with your husband’s insult!]


Your arguments are never ending


When you are in a relationship, you are bound to fight with each other. There is nothing wrong about that as long as your fights are healthy and don’t result in humiliation or abuse. Your fights should have some solution and if not, then there are deeper underlying issues with your compatibility that you have been overlooking. In a healthy relationship you should not have to keep yourself suppressed. You should have enough liberty to be yourself and still be acceptable to your partner. [Read: 6 Ways how happy couples fight!]


Your friends and family hate him


If your family and friends do not approve of your partner, you might actually skip taking their opinions seriously. But you have to understand that they are the closest to you and are in a better position to understand who suits you the best and what can give you true happiness. Your might hate them when they tell you harsh things about your man, but you should not trash their opinions and try and analyse things from their perspectives as well because they are your well wishers. The entire world may fall apart but they will stay the truest to you. [Read: How to introduce your partner to your family ?]


You don’t matter

6 Signs of a bad relationship you should not put up with

In a relationship you should matter. You should enjoy being with each other at all times. Even when you need your space, you still recognise your partner’s presence. While you will have to adjust at times, but your value should remain intact no matter what. Both of you have other things to worry about but if you don’t treat each other as a priority, you are hardly connected. In a bad relationship, you don’t pay heed to what your partner says. Even if they try to open up you have ways to silence them. Everyone else is important but if you take the last position in his priority list you definitely have a bad relationship. [Read: What makes each Zodiac ignore you all of a sudden?]


There is no initiative from his end


Healthy relationships have partners doing the smallest things to keep their partners happy. This may range from the smallest to the most significant things that you could think of. Plus, when either of you do something it should be appreciated and not taken for granted. Most relationships turn bad when people fail to give each other due recognition. Ungratefulness is a killer in relationships. You should be proactive in doing things not because you have to but because you love each other too much to pay no heed to your partner’s likes and dislikes. You want mutual happiness in the relationship. One – sided benefit seeking is the perfect recipe for a disaster. [Read: 11 Changes that come over you after one bad relationship!]