6 Signs he is completely over you!

Relationships can feel amazing at the start. Those butterflies never seem to relax and you cannot help but keep thinking about this person all the time. But sudden changes can make us go crazy. Women tend to be a better instinctive power. The slightest changes in our partner’s behaviour can get us paranoid.  Either the changes start showing themselves gradually or one fine morning but they are definitely visible. Almost everyone tends to go through this phase of utter confusion about their relationships and staying calm while handling the same is the best possible course of action for the moment unless things have been clarified. Rather than letting your fears build up, focus on how to mitigate the issue by confronting him. It is never a great idea to let issues to pile up. Here are a few signs that will tell you if he is completely over you and what you could do about that:

6 Signs he is completely over you!

He doesn’t communicate enough


People do have a lot going on in their lives apart from romance. Work does keep people busy but that’s never an excuse to stop calling your partner throughout the day. If he really wants to speak with you, he will always find a way no matter what is occupying his time and space. So, the next time he makes an excuse that work kept him away from you, don’t buy that. Talk to him later about the specific cause of his action and if the answer isn’t valid enough, you have your sign of loss of interest right there.


He is lying to you


People lie when they have something to hide from you. If he lies to do something good for you or anyone for the matter, that’s always excusable. But if you find him lying to you about doing things behind your back and trying to keep things a secret all the time, then there is something definitely fishy going on. But make sure that you do have your set of proofs ready before you jump into some stupid conclusion and regret it later. If he cannot care to be honest with you all the time, he definitely is over you.


You don’t go out like you used to.

6 Signs he is completely over you!

Initially things were so nice that you never missed out on a chance with him to go out and have fun. The feelings were very mutual but you just realise that you don’t go out anymore like you used to. Men are careful about the way they spend their money So, if he isn’t making any effort at all, then he is almost over you. If you feel you are mistaken you could confront him, but actions do speak louder than words.


He spends time with his friends more


When you got into the relationship, he loved being with you as much as he could. But off late he has been making excuses to ditch you and spend time with his friends more than you. Friends will always be there. But if he loves you enough he will try and balance everything so that things don’t get complex. He would want to give you his time well and make sure you are happy with him. Even if that means he would lose out on some fun time with his best pals he would do that in case you need him or he just wants to hang out with you. It a huge signal that he is over you when he avoids your company repeatedly and lies to cover them up.


You don’t check on each other


When a man is into you, he will talk to you. While initially this conversation may last for hours and days at a stretch, but he will definitely try and communicate with you as often as possible. But recently, if he has started avoid all communication and you are still the one trying to make things work, then he last lost some interest and doesn’t intend to make things better with you. This one is perhaps the most visible signs of your man being over you.


You don’t have sex anymore

6 Signs he is completely over you!

When people lose interest, they repel. Loss of attraction will naturally lead to couples not taking an interest in making love and instead being attracted to other people. If you find him avoiding close contact like he used to before, then he is probably over you. If he still love you, sex will always be an important component of the relationship to him. If you feel like he is never present physically with you, surely he doesn’t consider you close enough to get intimate with you. However, always consider asking before you assume anything. He is probably not in the best phase of his life to enjoy with you. Be considerate. But if you still find unavailability, then he is definitely over you.


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