6 Signs you have discovered a great guy!

Recently a dear friend of mine broke up with his boyfriend of two years only because he wanted to spend the night with the boys. He has been extremely supportive and caring throughout the years and I believe was a total catch. I told my friend what a huge loss she has created for herself. What I realized from this incident was that, most women keep complaining about their prince charming to arrive while they are around them. The failure to look through the right kind of vision is what makes you lose out on some of the most incredible men that walked into your life. They were deserving, they cared for you and they were total keepers but your bad judgment of people is why you are still single and feeling lonely. This article is dedicated to all the women who are in a relationship. You maybe with a great guy but aren’t aware about it. So, following are the signs that you have discovered the perfect guy.

6 Signs you have discovered a great guy!


A good guy is the one who supports his  partner thoroughly. He takes keen interest in the goals and ambitions of his partner and loves to be a cheerleader for them. This does not mean that they necessarily understand their partner’s goals but they try their level best to encourage them to strive for excellence. If they have a hint that their partner is railing on a wrong pathway, they will politely suggest switching to newer and healthier options but will never disparage them to give up on their goals.



No matter how tempting it may be to have multiple lovers and affairs, a great guy will always choose you over his temptations. He will stay honest with you and will respect the peace and harmony in your relationship. He will not embark on an adventure without you and will do his best to grow his relationship into a lovable and fulfilling bond.



Not only do you feel secure around him but he also makes sure that you are safe when he is not around you. The times are changing and these days women are equipped with the strength and knowledge to take care of themselves yet the guy thinks it is his fundamental duty to ensure that his girl is safe and sound.



6 Signs you have discovered a great guy!

He is the ray of positivity in your life. No matter how worse things have gotten, he will always be positive and will never lose out on the confidence he has  on you. He will always dwell into positive insights and make you feel good about your decisions and results. His optimistic attitude will always be a source of motivation for you and he will make sure that you don’t give up on anything in your life.




We all know how mean patriarchy is and women have dealt with a history of abusive relationships. Sadly, a lot of women continue to battle it. A great guy is never abusive. No matter how hard the situations are or how vulgar the fights have become, he will be a gentleman and try to resolve the matter in a mature and dignified way. He will never use his arm strength on you to prove his point. He will not let his manliness take a back seat and instead opt for a healthy and fruitful conversation.



6 Signs you have discovered a great guy!

He will never leave space for insecurity in a relationship. He may have best friends he can’t live without and a family worth dying for but nothing will encourage him to not give you the importance you deserve as his girl. He knows the role you play in his life and the colossal value of your charisma in it . He will always discuss his plans with you and will only plan something that doesn’t include you after having a word with you. He knows how to perfectly balance different relations and not hurt anyone.


It is very easy to let go off someone. What is hard is to work on problems and emerge out with wider wisdom and tranquility. Problems come handy when you are in a relationship, how you deal with it is what determines your strength and patience. If you think you are with someone who has all the above mentioned qualities, treasure him. Work hard into growing the relationship with much more love and affection as not everyone is as lucky as you to find someone who is so giving and attached to you. You are emotionally at a far better stage than many people who are still struggling to find a few shades of love.


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