6 Signs you are more than just friends

So, you never found the need to label what both of you share for each other. You are like the best of buddies, inseparable. You have been friends for long and have tried keeping it that way only but you never knew when you crossed that boundary and have reached a situation where you could never really think of a life without this very special person in your life who happens to be still called a friend only. Do you get these thoughts of considering him more than just friends? Do people around you feel the love that’s brewing between you people since a long time but you never really admitted to that? Yes, being in love with a friend is completely possible. There should never be a confusion about that. After all, the basic foundation of a relationship starts with friendship. Here are a few things that you could try and notice when you are with him or without him to understand what is it that you really are into.

6 Signs you are more than just friends

You need to talk everyday


Do you feel the need to speak with this friend of yours every day? You may just be talking initially about the lamest things that happened with you today. Whenever either of you happen to manage sometime, you end up talking for long hours. A hard day or a great one, you need them to be the last person you would speak to before you crash into your bed. Feel like that for a friend? Yes, you are more than just friends.


You have deeper conversations


If you are more than just friends, you will have conversations holding no bars at all. Conversations would range from the sweetest to the naughtiest. So does this friend know things as little as your favourite cup cake to what you were wearing last night while talking to him? Does he ease out conversations so well that it is never an uphill task for you to discuss and opine on just about anything without the fear of being judged. The conversations are seamless. The flow is so great that you don’t feel the need to filter what you speak. That is a compatibility which exists when you are not just friends but something more than that.


You care a lot


Yes, friends do care about each other. But if that care moves to an extent where you get possessive and try and protect the other person all the time, then you definitely have moved beyond just being friends. Does he ask you to get back home and let him know? Does he lose his cool when someone is trying to annoy you at a public place? Does he get territorial about you? Does he care whether you did eat or if you did those things that you generally forget? This shows the care that you have for each other. Everything that this person does means and makes sense to you. This is no basic friendship. Friends are never consistently caring every single day.


You get jealous


Okay, your friend might be extremely good looking or has a great personality. Now that sure is going to get a lot of attention. Does he tell you that he is going out with a girl on a day and you can’t help but go paranoid just at the thought of it? Yes, you have been trying to act quite chilled about it but deep down you cannot bear the thought of him touching anyone else? If it really bothers you when he talks about any other woman with an interest or tells you how good her company was, then you don’t really think of him a friend. You have gotten extremely possessive and that’s not how just friends operate.


You spend a lot of time together

6 Signs you are more than just friends

Friends spend time together. They go out, chill and talk about random things. But do you really squeeze out some precious time to see him and be around him? Is that an effort that you always end up making just because his company makes you feel extra special or you feel for him a lot which is why you would do anything to have his company?


You touch each other a lot


Are you with this guy as just friends for quite some time now and every time he is around you find the desire to keep touching him? Have you ever had a passing thought that you would want to kiss him, perhaps went too close and just gave up the thought fearing it would spoil the friendship that you share? Have you even gone to an extent of being cosy with him?  If you were just friends, such thoughts would be a remote possibility.


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