6 Signs to know if he is not the one you should think of a future with!

Relationships can sometimes cloud your rational judgement. So much so that you might mistaken momentary attraction for true love. So how do you know if the one you have been smitten by is someone who will stay with you forever? What signs can prove that he is the one that you have been waiting for all your life so that you can avoid future complications with the wrong man later? Initially everything seems great and you can’t help but blush at his thought. This is very habitual for most people and then we end up regretting things later when it’s too late to mend the wrongs. If you stay with someone who doesn’t suit your needs, it can cause you harassment and painful heartaches. Here are a few things that you can look for in your love interest and analyse if he is truly the one for you:

6 Signs to know if he is not the one you should think of a future with!

He fails to create a bond with your close ones


When a man is interested in you, he will make the effort to be in the good books of all those you know. These include your family, friends and even acquaintances who matter to you. He should take the initiative and engage with them. The secret to a great marriage is one where you get the complete support of your close ones. But in case you notice that your partner acts too casually with people who are important to you and makes excuse to avoid them, he is not the one who will truly make you happy in the long run. [Read: Why It’s A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign]

He is always on his own


A man who is the one for you will stay connected to you. He will let you know what all is happening with him for the whole day. That is how he wants to keep the conversation going even when both of you don’t see each other much. If your partner is casual about his life and pays no attention to your worries about his whereabouts, he couldn’t care less about you. While initially this attitude of staying mysterious about himself can be very tempting and excite you, with time this will kill your mental peace.


He sees you as a competition

6 Signs to know if he is not the one you should think of a future with!

Does your partner crave unnecessary attention everywhere? Is this especially chronic when you are getting all the praise? If yes, then this man is jealous of your success. He cannot imagine you being the centre of attention because of his chauvinistic nature. All he cares about his himself and wishes to stay in the limelight all the time. He will want to take the credit for your success too and make you feel worthless. If this is a common behavioural trait you see in your man, then he is definitely not the one for you!


He fails to invoke the best version of you


With a great man, you will find yourself getting better with each passing day. When you self deprecate, he shows you the brighter side. When you fall, he picks you up in his loving arms (Literally!). In short, he is not just your partner in crime but your closest confidante. Sometimes, it is easier to feel lost with no motivation or zeal to do anything. Does your man give you the hope and strengthen your beliefs that you are strong and can achieve anything? While initial attraction may fade soon, these are the true foundations over which your relationship can flourish. [Read: A Bad Quality Each Zodiac Has But Despises The Same In Other People]


He doesn’t care about your emotional system


We are all vulnerable to our insecurities and can feel crushed under the weight of the expectations that we have of ourselves. While some days may be great, others can be the darkest where we see no light to feel better. So when you get irritated and frustrated about things and throw your tantrums, does you man take that casually or hits you back harder? If he can take up the responsibility of lifting your moods and tolerating all that you put him through, he is a keeper you should never let go. [Read: How to build a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man]


He ridicules your dreams

6 Signs to know if he is not the one you should think of a future with!

Some men find to difficult to  support a woman who has huge ambitions. They find it too intimidating. Does you man laugh off your dreams and make you feel that they are unachievable? Does he make you feel worthless and incapable and promotes his dreams instead and ask your to support him while he ridicules your future plans? If this is what you have been asked to put up with, then he is definitely not the one you should be entertaining in your life.


So, if you want to know if he is the one for you, the first step is to get out of your comfort zone and give the great guys waiting for you a chance. Trust me, there are plenty waiting!

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