6 Signs your man will stay in love with you forever

Finding the man of your dreams is not an easy task for many. While some get super lucky there are those who have to struggle hard till they find the one. If you are in love and have found the one, how do you know that this love will stay forever? It is normal for the initial charm to fade and gestures can take a backseat but what is it that keeps the love going in the relationship? If you have been looking for the signs but still seem confused, here are a few things that can help you understand what your man truly feels about you.

Signs he will love you forever 

6 Signs your man will stay in love with you forever

He looks after you


When you fell in love with this man, he did every little thing to make you feel like a princess. Even after some time has passed in the relationship, he still wants to make you feel special. He is always there for you. Even at your worst hours, he has been standing firmly beside you. Your happiness means the most to him and he will do everything possible to see that smile on your face. He lends you ears when you have a list of things to nag about, helps you buy grocery when you are busy and even gives you a massage when you have had a hard day. There has never been a time when you felt like you are a burden for him. Everything that he does for you seems so genuine that it feels like it is meant to last for an eternity.

He loves being around you


He never leaves an opportunity to have your company. Never has there been a day when you fought and he didn’t call or text back just to know if you are fine. He accepts you as the most precious gift in his life. He makes random plans whether short or longer ones to steal precious moments with you. You find him dropping texts with the most bizarre requests to meet him. While it seems too kiddish to you, you seriously mean so much to him that he can’t hide that desire to have you around him for as long as he can. This really shows that he is still so floored by your presence in his life and this will surely continue for a really long time. [Read: 6 Signs your husband still loves you a lot]


He is fine with no-sex days


If a man is only interested in your body and is suing you for that, you will always be his booty call. A man who loves you deeply loves you for the entire package that you are and not just your skin. He really admires the person you are first and the skin you are blessed with is just the cheery on the cake. Those days when you are tired or just not in the mood for sex, he is respectful of your opinion and never forces you for that. He surely loves having sex with you but doesn’t feel the need to impose his desires and fantasies on you just for the sake of it.


He discusses everything with you


He is so much in love with you that he knows that you are the most important part of his life. This is why he feels the need to discuss things with you before he draws a major conclusion or takes an important action. Whenever he decides on something, he looks after your convenience and the kind of effect his decisions will have on you. Such a man is a keeper for his love will never fade with sunsets. He understands that he cannot let his reckless decisions to tamper with the relationship for he knows that everything else can take a backseat but not you. [Read: 5 Stages in which men fall in love!]


He tells you his deepest secrets

6 Signs your man will stay in love with you forever

When a man can confide in you with his deepest darkest secrets, it shows how much he trusts you and how important you are to him. Someone who really appreciates your presence in his life will never stay tongue tied over things that matter to him. This goes for all his mistakes and also things that he has kept buried for a long time. Men tend to take time and choose their circle carefully. And if you are someone he chooses to open his heart out to, then he is never going to let go of you.


He has no time for other women


He is proud to have you in his life. He shows zero interest in even the most prettiest woman around. He loves making other women jealous of the way he treats you. You have tried so much to catch him (Just joking!) but he lays his eyes on you only. Actually men who are serious about their partners have no time for other women. They are happy with one and will do whatever it takes to keep her in his life. [Read: 7 Signs that you are insecure even if you don’t wish to admit it!]

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