6 Signs You Might Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

Diabetes is one of those things you wish you don’t hear of until the end of your days. According to the latest studies, India has more than 50 million people with type-2 diabetes, in which blood-sugar levels rise. Each one of you reading this know at least one person who suffers from type-1 or type-2 diabetes. Approximately 3.4 million people die due to high blood-sugar levels, according to reports by World Health Organisation. Yet, the awareness about this blood-sugar related disease is very little. Diabetes while cannot be cured, can be easily controlled. However, so as to not let it go out of hand, one needs to be aware of whether or not they have diabetes. Many times, we don’t even realize we have this till it gets to a point from where there is no turning back. Hence, here’s a blog to help you identify signs that suggest you might have diabetes.

6 Signs You Might Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

You feel the urge to Urinate a lot


Most of the time we don’t keep track of our urinating habits. So, when this symptom pops up, most of us don’t take notice. Urinating often is generally a good sign as it means that your body is staying hydrated. The problem of excessive need to urinate becomes a major cause of concern when you have to wake up at night to empty your bladder. When blood-sugar levels increase in your body due to diabetes, the body loses its ability to break down food into sugar. To overcome this disability, you urinate more to get rid of the excess sugar in your bloodstream. Once or twice on an odd occasion is fine. But if this need to urinate wakes you up on a regular basis, then you have a real cause for concern.


Your Thirst Has Increased too


Of course, when you urinate so much, you will have to make up for all the water that the body has lost. We don’t often understand this pattern of behavior well enough to associate it with diabetes. Most of the time we blame the increased thirst on the weather or our exhaustion. To separate thirst caused by external factors from thirst due to diabetes, start taking note of your urination pattern as well. Another problem that people often bring on themselves is related to how they choose to quench their thirst. More often than not, people opt for a sugary drink like, soft drinks, juices, etc. when feeling thirsty. All that is fine if you don’t have diabetes. If you do, then these drinks only add to the existing blood-sugar levels in the body, making matters worse for you. So, unless you are certain, if you feel thirsty often, always keep a bottle of water with you. Even if you don’t have diabetes, water is always a better drink to go for.



Weight loss without effort

6 Signs You Might Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

It’s funny how so many signs that indicate towards diabetes are some of our dreams come true. One such sign is losing weight without putting in any effort. Related to increasing levels of sugar, weight loss might not sound right. But these are blood-sugar levels we are talking about and the culprit here is a resistance to insulin. One of the most significant characteristics of diabetes is the resistance to insulin. This inhibits the sugar to be transferred from the blood to the cells. Now sugar is the unit that gets converted into energy for the body to function. In the absence of this, the body starts burning fat and muscles for energy. Once you control your blood-sugar level, you might see yourself gaining some weight back. But don’t look at it as a cause of concern, it is only an indication that your blood-sugar levels are returning to balance. Thus, if you notice that you have lost some kilos without even trying, you need to re-evaluate your routine.



Exhaustion Never Seems to End


This is a very loose symptom but a significant one all the same. Many reasons can be associated with feeling exhausted all the time and not all of them point towards diabetes. However, if no matter what changes you bring to your lifestyle, exhaustion doesn’t seem to subside, then you need to reassess. Like we mentioned earlier, increased blood-sugar levels make it difficult for the body to break down food into sugar. Add to that the fact that insulin cannot transfer sugar to cells and you have a case of lack of energy available for the body to function. Plus, you have dehydration to cope with that comes about by an increased need to urinate. All of this leads to a case of severe exhaustion if you have diabetes. No matter how good your diet is, or how well you sleep, all of that will be to no avail if the food doesn’t get converted to energy. Thus, if you feel like you are suffering from unexplainable exhaustion, accompanied by other symptoms of diabetes, then you need to get your blood-sugar levels tested.



Your Vision has been Affected

6 Signs You Might Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

Diabetes doesn’t cause permanent damage to the vision. But the blood-sugar level rise causes distortions in your eye lens that leads to blurry vision. As sugar level increases in the blood, fluid starts accumulating in the eye lens. This leads to a blurred vision as the eye is not used to excessive fluid presence. Near-sightedness or blurred vision is often the result of this fluid buildup which has many running to the optometrist for a vision check or new glasses. However, as you try to control your blood-sugar levels, this defect starts to diminish and ultimately disappear as well. The eye adjusts to this change after a while so it really isn’t permanent damage. However, if you feel that your vision has blurred and noticed other symptoms of diabetes, you might be in the early stages from where it can be efficiently controlled. Never let it be too late with problems like diabetes. The faster you act, the better are your chances.



Your Bruises Heal More Slowly


Diabetes slows the blood flow to your extremities. This leads to numbness in the hands and feet. When you are numb often then you don’t really notice any cuts or other bruises that one might get from anywhere. Not only do cuts and bruises become more frequent, but if you have diabetes they take longer to heal as well. Usually, diabetes is accompanied by high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These conditions lead to narrowing of the blood vessels due to plaque build-up and thus not enough blood reaches the bruises to aid faster healing. Diabetes also leads to a conducive environment for bacterial growth. It weakens the immune system and the T-cells responsible to fight against infections. This furthers the body’s inability to recover faster from bruises and cuts.


Like every other disease, diabetes, if identified in the early stages, can be controlled to the point of almost cured. It isn’t always about keeping your sugar consumption low. Sometimes if you have diabetes in your family then you need to be extra careful with what lifestyle choices you make. Make sure that you get your blood-sugar levels checked if you notice more than one of the signs mentioned above. To avoid being in a situation like this, go to a dietician and figure out a tailored plan for you to keep you from ever developing diabetes.

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