6 Signs you are not in love anymore

Falling in love may be easy but falling out of love is perhaps easier these days. With time, your feelings and affection might fade away even without your knowledge. Are you in a situation like this where you cannot really help the love that you shared from slipping away? Just like having someone fall in love with you needs little efforts, keeping that love forever too needs some serious and consistent efforts. While you can still do things to bring the spark back, it will still cost you a lot of time and energy which have higher chances of having no fruitful results.

6 Signs you are not in love anymore

Love needs to be seamless. If that is not the case, you will end up being annoyed and frustrated without not just your partner but yourself too. You might be confused about the entire status of the relationship when your relationships becomes over bearing and affects your day to day activities. Here are a few signs that you will definitely notice when you are not in love anymore:


Just the thought of him is cringe worthy


There was a time when just the thought if his face would light up your entire mood. Now, you no longer harbour the same passion in the relationship. Your partner may be just doing his thing but you find it really irritating to even see his face. It just annoys you so much that you look for chances to escape his presence. You cannot really pinpoint a reason why you do that but having him breathing on your neck is something that you absolutely detest.


Your excitement has faded


When you started the relationship, you  were ever ready to see him and go out with him. The thought of his face would immediately light you up. As the interest started waning, you do not have the urge to see him or do anything special with him. Having him around you would immediately feel boring or depressing. You do not see eye to eye with him and are always looking for chances to either stay back home or spend time with your friends.


You want your satisfaction and happiness all the time


Remember the times when you were ever ready to give away all you had just so that you could see a smile on his face? As you started losing an interest and eventually started falling out of love, you only think of your ego, your needs and your desires only. The feeling of ‘we’ is no longer relevant when you think of this relationship. You no longer care about what effect your selfishness has on your partner. All you want is to mould everything to your advantage. As long as it serves you, you are good to go.


You keep looking for other men

6 Signs you are not in love anymore

You have someone in your life right now but you still keep looking for other better men out there. While everything might appear perfect from the outside but you know that you are not there really. It may not be too obvious that you are seeing other men too but you are constantly on the lookout for better prospects all the time. That might either be for financial or emotional reasons. But it’s still unfair to your present partner no matter what kind of justification you would like to state.


You are convinced that you deserve better


When people get into a relationship, they do know what they deserve and hat they are signing up for. Of course, the decision should not just be an emotional one but rational as well. Now if you are in a relationship now but you constantly feel that you deserve much better, then you will always find some crack in the bond that you share with your partner. Your will never be able to give your 100 % in the relationship which your partner truly deserves. So, when you know that anyone better entering your life would be reason enough for you to trade your current partner, you are not in love with this person anymore.


You don’t spend any quality time


When you are in love, you will look for excuses to be in the company of the person you love so much. Time or place will never be a hindrance when it comes to being with this person. Being able to communicate and share things with each other is something you will be on the lookout for everyday. With time, when the spark fades away you start going away from each other and spending as little time as possible. You might get so consumed with every other priority in life that your relationship will slip in between your fingers and you may not even realise when the bond was broken.



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