6 Signs you are not ready for a serious relationship

Relationships are not for everyone. It takes a lot of effort to have a successful love life. And not everyone can take that responsibility. Just because you want to, that doesn’t mean you will be able to run a relationship smooth. Unless and until you have settled a few things in your own life, you will never be ready for a serious relationship. You should be able to figure out your basic necessities in life first before you are even in a position to decide what kind of a man will suit your life. So, before you head deep into a relationship you should be able to be really honest about yourself. these are the few signs that you should first take note of before you can finally commit in the best possible way to someone else:

Signs you are not ready for a serious relationship

You always avoid staying single


You are afraid of being lovely in life. You fear that what you have won’t stay long all the time. This is why you are always attracting the most depressing people. Self- care is the least important in your agenda and that is why you are always seeking for self- fulfilment outside your realm. You are failing to realise that unless you bother to give yourself the same love that you expect you will always end up making the wrong relationship choices. So, unless you have stayed single you will never be able to understand the effort that it takes to take care of someone else because you have never really loved yourself in the first place. [Read: 5 Mistakes you are making while trying to attract men!]


You have no growth strategy for yourself


It is important that you have your plans and priorities in place first. If you are still indecisive over what you expect from life, you will have a hard time when you are in charge of emotional burdens that accompany a relationship. You are bound to break down because you will stay confused over what you really expect out of the relationship as well. So, get your plans together and cultivate enough confidence in yourself. Put your career in place so that you know what you are worth and can choose the best man for yourself.


You are still in love with your ex

6 Signs you are not ready for a serious relationship

You are still so hung up on your past that you go green with jealousy when you see your ex with someone else. If you just decide on getting ahead with a serious relationship just because you want to take revenge, it is not really a great idea to hurt your partner that way. Time and again you stalk your ex and also stay in touch with him. Neither is that doing you any good nor him. Accept the fact that he won’t come back to you and stay single for sometime so that you can put your crap together before you can even decide on a serious relationship. [Read: 6 Signs your partner is still not over his ex!]


You have emotional issues that need more care


There are some attitudes that you have formed which are not healthy. Not only are they driving you crazy but also preventing you from moving ahead in life. You have had experiences before that have left you traumatised. Some kind of emotional abuse in childhood or the near past, some kind of mental disorder that you refuse to find a solution to. You need to sort them out as soon as possible. It is only when you are at peace with yourself that you can have stable relationships in life. [Read: What Is Your Biggest Emotional Trigger? As per Zodiac Sign!]


You are too ambitious


Very ambitious people rarely have time for emotional commitments. They are too absorbed in their work to devote time to anything else. This is not wrong for sometimes, you have to be selfish to know what works best for you. Or you may just like to be a free bird doing whatever you please. While it is justified enough, but you could still work it out if only you wish to. If staying busy with your career is all you want right now, then it is best to stay out of any commitments right now otherwise you will end up hurting someone for no fault of theirs.  [Read: 10 Ways to keep your love life and career in balance?]


You have trouble trusting people


Relationships are based on trust and if you cannot, then it’s best to stay out of it. You are scared that you will be hurt all over again. So you hold your guards up just so that you could avoid the trouble of a relationship. There have been times when you ended up hurting people just so that you could protect yourself. So, you don’t find it necessary to dump all your hopes on one single person. You are living on the notion that people can’t be trusted and it is better to live on your own. You are too insecure at this juncture of your life so you have made a mess of almost every other relationship as well. [Read: 6 Reasons why he did not call you back]

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