6 Signs your past relationships are affecting your present life

Have you been trying to move on with your life since a very long time but you still find it difficult to accept new people in your life?  Do you constantly think of your exes and even when you meet perfect people you still cannot get past the hangover that your ex left you in? We often tend to seek refuge in other people when we are dealing with something that’s killing us from within. It is more convenient because that’s just the replacement that our heart might be seeking to get away or distract itself from the pain.

This actually works for a lot of people but some find it very hard to be happy even when they found new love. That’s because the old love lingers and still makes its presence felt. You may have tried accommodating with your new found love but somewhere you still yearn for your ex. You hope that things fall in place back again. If you have been there, you know that you are being massively affected. Unless you start things afresh, you will never be able to commit fully. Here are a few signs that your ex is still the one you long for and want back in your life:

6 Signs your past relationships are affecting your present life

You can’t help but draw comparisons


Whenever you meet someone new or if you are in a new relationship, you can’t help but think about how it was with your ex and the comparison just gets in between those moments that you share with your present date. Yeah you may have fond memories with your ex, but that doesn’t mean you start comparing because this guy you are with now will never be able to be who your ex was. Be unbiased when you are with people. Love them for who they are with you and how they make you feel when you are around.


You talk about him all the time


You can’t help but talk about your ex all the time. You love the feeling it generates because that very moment you discuss you ex you get transported back to these moments that you shared with him. If people around you talk about him, that is still okay because you cannot control what others have to tell you. But if you are always trying to get him into the conversation somehow even if that means you speak ill of him, that is bad.


You are trying to prove him something


Every time you date someone, you always want your new date to be better than him. The reason here is different. It is not for your happiness but to prove something to him. You want to make him jealous. You wait for an opportunity to have him bump into you at some place so that you can show off and make him uncomfortable. Yeah, you ex might be affected or may not but one thing is for sure: You still love him too much to accept anyone else in his place.


You still stalk him

6 Signs your past relationships are affecting your present life

You think about your ex too much. You cannot help but keep going back to his social media profile to know what’s happening in his life currently. It’s okay if you just want to know some day but stalking his profile every single day clearly shows that you still want him back and what he does matters to you even after the breakup. No matter how good a person you come across in the near future or are with currently it is your ex who still rules your heart.


You fantasise about him


You still have clear memories of the cosy moments that you shared with him. You fantasise being naked around him or having sex with him. You are still so hung-over that you have tried convincing him to give your relationship another chance. You are ready to give up what you share with your present partner just so that you could have him back in your life. If you happen to think of sex with your ex when you are sharing an intimate space with your current partner, your life has been seriously affected by your past relationship.


You don’t want to give up on him


If your love for your ex has been pretty much stronger than what he felt for you, a breakup can be the most difficult thing for you to be casual about. It may have affected you so deep that you still don’t want to give up. You may have tried being around other people but no matter how perfect that person is, you always end up hoping that your ex will come back to you. Your current partner will just be a rebound and a sidekick. Now this is seriously unfair and you need to solve your issues before you give someone hopes about a relationship.



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