6 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Ways To Bring It Down By A Notch

Is there really a thing called too fast in a relationship? Actually, you won’t find anything wrong in your relationship. But when you look at someone else’s relationship you’ll definitely be able to notice it. A relationship should have some substance in it. It is just not about rushing into things. We are definitely not judging anyone’s relationship, we are just trying to make the relationship a good one and a strong one.

6 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Ways To Bring It Down By A Notch

You might have heard your friends or closed ones telling you in a subtle way that you are moving a bit fast. So right now you must be wondering whether what they said is actually true. If you do agree with their thinking then it’s time for you to step back and analyze things you have been doing. Here are a few signs that might help you in realizing whether your relationship is moving too fast or not.


Not Knowing Much About Them

The actual purpose why you go out on dates is because you have to get to know each other before taking your relationship to next level. When you don’t exactly know what is his favorite cuisine or his turn on and offs then it is necessary for you to slow down the pace of your relationship. Know each other a little and then move forward.


Jumping Right Into Meeting Family And Friends

Meeting family is a huge step in a relationship. It is a way of letting your parents and partner know that you are pretty serious about the relationship. Is there any time to judge when you can meet each other’s parents? Actually no, but it is definitely a red flag if you are inviting your partner or are invited to meet the parents within a few weeks. It is an actually scary moment. Allow some time for you both to get comfortable with each other and trust each other completely before taking this huge step.


Trusting Them Completely Even Before They Have Proven Themselves

6 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Ways To Bring It Down By A Notch

Even though you have met him/ her just a few weeks back you blindly trust your partner. You vouch for them even before you actually know them. Choosing them instead of your best friends, overlooking their bad traits, convincing yourself that he/ she is an awesome person. Don’t put them on a pedestal before you actually know them completely. This is definitely a sign that your relationship is moving too fast.


Ditching Your Friends

You haven’t been hanging out your friends and your friends often complain about you not being around is sure sign that your relationship moving too fast. It is absolutely fine and your friends even forgive you if you disappear in the initial stages of a relationship. They understand that things are new to you both and hence they give you time. But if this continues even after few days, you’ll find them telling you that you are moving too fast.


The ‘L’ Word

The words ‘I love you’ were considered the magical word in old days, but now they are used way too often and way too early in relationships. Sure, you might actually like the person very much but confessing it to them within the first few weeks will give the idea that you are just saying the words for the sake of it. First, you need to get comfortable with each other, know each other well and maybe then you can plan on confessing the ‘L’ word in the truest sense.

You Took A Big Decision Before Even Knowing Their Favorite Cuisine Or Color

Jumping into big life decisions before even knowing them properly is a definite sign. You can’t just decide to move-in with them or just going on a holiday vacation together. No, they are called ‘big’ decisions for a reason. Maybe, we may be wrong but you really have to think it through before rushing into things.

So these are a few signs that say your relationship is moving pretty fast than the normal standards. Now that you know that you have to slow down things a little, let’s see how you can do it.


6 Ways To Take It Down By A Notch

Stay away from relationship milestones

6 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Ways To Bring It Down By A Notch

You have to avoid taking any big decisions for the moment. The last thing you need right now is advancing your relationship to next level. Why this is necessary because every time you take some big decision, which might not seem so big right now, it makes things more serious for you. And you have to avoid moving so fast at any cost if you are not ready for it.


Evaluate your feelings

It is definitely not an easy thing to deal when you get to know that someone has become your world in such a short span of time. You might not even be aware and you might have already adopted so many habits in your relationship. Sit and reflect on why you feel so uncomfortable about moving too fast, process whether you really need to slow down the things.



You are in a relationship with another person and their thought process matters as much as yours. You can’t slow down the speed of your relationship when only you know that things are moving too fast. Communicate this to your partner. If you and your partner have different opinions about this then make them understand about how you feel and they might actually agree to slow down the things by a notch.


Ask Your Friends Opinion

If you are close to your friends and don’t mind sharing things about your relationship with them then share your feelings with them. Maybe they might be able to tell whether what you are feeling is right or not from their point of view. Friends are the best option to talk to because they are pretty blunt in giving their opinion. They wouldn’t mind telling you when and where you are wrong.


Take A Break

You may have heard your friends saying you don’t spend any time with them and you may have just ignored it till now. Maybe you are spending too much time with your SO. It is really easy to get caught in a relationship and forget everyone else. So take a break from each other and spend more time with other people like old times, maybe some time apart from each other might make things clearer and slower.


Consider His Feelings

6 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Ways To Bring It Down By A Notch

When you have spent all the days together and suddenly you start postponing the dates and spend time with your friends, you are not only keeping him in the dark but you are also hurting him. Stop keeping him in the dark and consider his feelings for once.

It is really necessary for both of you to be on the same page when in a relationship and that’s why to move at the pace you both agree at. You don’t need to fret about this too much either because eventually, everything will fall into place.