6 Signs you are in the “right” relationship

Relationships often act as quick fixers for people. Some just fear being alone and dying alone. This is why relationships act as comforters for the long journey that we here in the world for. As philosophical as that might sound, relationships are the absolute comfort zones that we like to take refuge in. In case you land up in a wrong relationship, your entire life can suffer. Sometimes, you get so confused about what constitutes the right relationship that you settle for just about anything that comes your way. If you are someone who is in a relationship and wants to know if this is the “right” relationship for you or for that matter you want to know what constitutes a “right” relationship, here is what you should be looking for:

6 Signs you are in the "right" relationship

You are together most of the times


Work schedules can get in your way but if you are in the right relationship, then you will always want to be around each other. In such a relationship, you will want to try out things that your partner wants to or what he/ she likes. While you may be someone who stays in their comfort zone but if you want a relationship that is happy and substantial you will have to make the effort to bridge the gaps and balance out the extremities in our likes and dislikes.

You give him his space


You might want to be around always to the extent of being termed as “clingy”, but when you are in the “right” relationship, you will always give him the space the he needs to be his self. Everyone does need some time alone or with their core people which is their friends and family. If your man wants that, you will have to adjust to it so that your relationships can breathe and have enough space to grow. If you too engage in your own interests and carve out your own space without much hassle.


You maintain your individuality

6 Signs you are in the "right" relationship

In the right relationship, you are always your own self first. You need to let your partner be the way he is. Neither of you can pretend for a long time. So, it is always best to be with someone who accepts you in your original state and doesn’t want to bring about any changes. If you have problems with the way he is, you will never have a strong relationship. When your partner feels safe and trusts you enough to be himself with you, then your relationship will always be the right one for your mental as well as physical health.


You sort out differences amicably


Relationships will have issues may be once in a while or every now and then. what matters is how you deal with them despite the differences that affect your relationship. You don’t need to nod a “Yes” to everything that he says or agree to every situation that he wants to deal with in his own way but if you can still find a middle way and be respectful of each other’s opinions, then you will have a great relationship which will be perfect in its own right.


You share great chemistry


Often being with someone for a long time can make you lose out on the spark that you shared initially. A right relationship is a perfect blend of everything, whether good or bad. You cannot let go of the physical aspect and expect your relationship to never hit a plateau. Keep things exciting and always new. There is plenty of information available and if you can take advantage of that, you will always be able to come up with something that will keep his interest in you going. You may lose out on the attraction that you have for each other after the honeymoon period fades but if you really want to make things work, you could talk it out with your partner or choose to part ways if nothing gets you attracted to him again.


You take the initiatives together

Your relationship needs to be worked out as a team if you really want to make it right. You make all the efforts to bring out the best in each other. There is no winning by making the other person feel bad about themselves. It is always a team effort where if you do one thing on the check list for the day, he does the other so tat not just do you finish the work soon but also effectively. Sharing of daily activities can help you come closer because you will be involved in each other. It is okay if you falter someday but what matters is the intention of being there for each other during the highs and the lows.