6 Signs you should see a mental health professional

6 Signs you should see a mental health professional

Life is one big grinding mill that has never spared even a single being. Ups and downs are a significant part of life. There are, however, occasions when a negative phase of life seems endless and insurmountable. There is complete loss of hope. Misery and despair becomes the usual way of life.

In India, women’s mental health is one issue that is always brushed under the carpet. The patriarchal structures of our society do not give enough space for women to stay happy. Owing to the sociological and psychological complexities that Indian women remain entangled with, it is frequent to witness them feeling hopeless. According to a recent report, Indian women are more prone to mental illnesses than their male counterparts. But the stigma around mental illness thwarts them from consulting a mental health professional. Read on to know six signs which foretell the need of visiting a mental health professional.


Difficulty in getting over a traumatic experience

The sudden death of a loved one can trigger an avalanche of emotions. The pangs of separation can fill one with sorrow and anguish. Not everyone is resilient enough to bounce back and live life normally. Similar emotions can also be felt after a broken relationship. Many women who go through turbulent times hold the view that time heals everything. Such a notion, however, wreaks havoc with their personal and professional lives and can damage your self-esteem. Prevention is better than cure. Seeking professional help will help you become aware of the internal barriers that are stopping you from living your life to the fullest.


Your friends are worried about you

6 Signs you should see a mental health professional

Long-term friendships are the most satisfying relationships one can have. Your best friends know you in and out. They will never leave you in the lurch and will stick around in times of need. A change in your behavioral pattern will never go unnoticed by your close friends. Belittling their observations about your mood swings can harm you internally.


You are facing difficulty handling your relationships

6 Signs you should see a mental health professional

Is your “people’s person” identity a thing of the past? Have you stopped identifying with your kith and kin? Does staying with people suffocate you? The chances that your cauldron of emotions needs a cathartic moment to get released are high. A mental health professional with help you deal with your insecurities and anxieties and help you improve your relationship with others.


Negative feedback at work

Decrease in productivity due to emotional or psychological issues is an important sign of distress. Losing focus at work, mind getting infested with negative thoughts, being confronted with boss most of the times signal that there is something wrong in your mind that needs to be fixed.


Your immune system is getting affected

6 Signs you should see a mental health professional

Have those headaches become more frequent? Stress affects your body in negative ways by manifesting yourself as physical ailments in different parts of the body. Stomach-aches, irregular periods and irregular sleep patterns are some other health problems associated with anxiety and stress.


You feel disillusioned with life

Your disillusionment with life can take a toll on your mental health. Women, due to varied reasons, tend to go into a negative spiral which can ruin their inner life. Facing an existential crisis and not having anyone to speak to can be the most dreaded fear. Mental health professionals use their knowledge and expertise to help you find happiness in life. Your ability to function can be hampered in unimaginable ways if you shy away from seeking help. Life is precious. Respect it.



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