6 Signs your smart phone must be hacked!

6 Signs you smart phone must be hacked!


Can you imagine waking up in the morning without having your phone by your side? No, right! Our lives today are backed by these smart phones. Everything from our photos, songs, bank accounts, notes, social media, contacts are stored in our phones.  Just like someone can intend to steal items from your home, similarly there are hackers who can remotely operate to extract your private data and information. So how does one find out that someone is sneak peeking into your beloved phones? Here are some signs that tell you that your smartphone maybe hacked.



Your phone has started running slow

One prime reason of slow phones is heavy sized apps and loaded content. But if you phone has plenty free memory yet it is running slow and facing interruptions while switching apps, then chances are that there may be a malware in the background. You should reboot your phone in this case but if it still runs slow then you should take it to the service center.


Your data usage information is false

6 Signs you smart phone must be hacked!

If your phone shows data usage details that is exceeding to your actual usage then fair chance that your phone is being influenced by hackers. How hackers operate is that they transfer your data and logs to a third party with the help of a malware.


Your battery is always low

Low battery is also a potential sign of hacking. If your device has started using more power and there is battery drainage and overheating issues, then it means that an app running is using an extra code in the background which is transferring user activity to a fraud third party.


You are facing issues of call drop

6 Signs you smart phone must be hacked!

This is a sign that your call log is going to a third part. If you are unable to connect calls even after the bars show full network, then it is an indication that your smart phone might be hacked. These service disruptions are a signal that your phone is affected.


Your phone bill has sky rocketed

Hackers use your smart phones as a proxy device to make international calls and these results in heavy bills. The worst part about this issue is that you aren’t aware about it until your bill appears at the end of a billing month.


Your emails are ending up in spam folder

6 Signs you smart phone must be hacked!

If at the receiving end, your emails are landing up in their spam folders then possibly your email account has been occupied over. The arrangements of your email accounts must have been changed by the hacker and is being read by a deceitful third party.


These were six signs that you must look for carefully to find out if your phone is being snooped by a third party. Even though anti-virus software is a great service but these signs must be observed. You should delete unwanted apps that consumes heavy data and must install anti-virus software from two different companies. Do not forget to back up your data.



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