6 Signs you are still in love with your ex!

6 Signs showing you are still in love with your ex!


Relationships and dating are complicated! Do you agree? However the worst part of relations is the breakup. As the word signifies it does not only bring two people back to square one but it can also break someone emotionally. Many of us take a considerable amount of time to overcome the relationship and to forget our ex. There are some days where we wish to be strong and try to feel normal and happy just to carry on with our lives. On the other side there are some days where we just break down and feel horrible about our lives. In this article we will talk about some signs showing that you are not completely over your ex!




When you become so emotional and you keep crying about him. You do know that he will not come back, but you cannot stop crying. He still haunts your thoughts. You cry because you miss those moments spent with him. It is good you can exteriorize all the pain you feel but don’t forget if the relation stopped it meant it wasn’t the good one for you. Remember it wasn’t a relation that could make you happy for a lifetime.


Still hoping

Another factor is when you keep waiting for him. Consciously you know that there will never be a come back, but you are still waiting. Days, weeks, months go by, but you keep on waiting. You live in the hope that maybe he will miss you and try to call you back. In any case, you need to move on and show him you are strong and don’t need him. You have to realize your relationship has ended and build your new life.


His memories haunt you

6 Signs showing you are still in love with your ex!

Do you still think of those times spent together? When he used to pick you up for a movie or for dinner or to hang out together! When he used to give you surprise visits! Or when he used to wait outside your door till you got dressed? Those were good times right! When his memories still haunt you, when you miss his voice and his laughter. When you miss his jokes and sense of humour or simply you miss looking at him. All these facts contribute shows that you have not completely got over him.


When you compare other guys to him!

Many times it is after a breakup that you start thinking of his good habits. When you tend to compare all other guys with him is another sign that he still lies at the back of your thoughts. When you search for him in other guys or you just reject others because they are not like him at all. Try to be more objective and remember all the little things he did that bothered you and that didn’t make you feel happy. He wasn’t perfect and he doesn’t deserve you suffering so much because of him.


Compulsively checking social media

6 Signs showing you are still in love with your ex!

One of the primary factors showing you still think of him is while checking his social media accounts. Keeping an eye on every new picture he posts, new friends he makes can become addictive and make you very unhappy. Of course, it shows that you are still concerned about what he is doing. You know it will do you no good as you have the fear of seeing his comments on another girl’s picture or posts but at the same time you can’t help it you feel addicted.

All those signs lead to the same conclusion that you are still not over him. But as the saying: ‘’time heals all wounds’’, give yourself time and you will be fine. Do not jump in other relations just to forget him or get over. Take your time, sort it out and move on. One day his memories will surely fade and will be erased till then believe for a better tomorrow. And always keep in mind that if it was the right one you will find him again and if not realize how great it is you haven’t lost to much time with him and have the rest of your life to find somebody else!



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