6 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Change And How To Embrace It

There comes a time in life for everyone when life takes a turn. Things will undergo a change; you’ll go through a transformation. Perhaps you’ll feel like things are not going as they are supposed to. You might feel everything is going wrong. Don’t worry sometimes it might be an indication that you are on the verge of transformation. Don’t react to this in a bad way. Don’t fear it. Don’t resist the change by clinging to the older ways or try to control it or even become a wreck due to anxiety. Hold yourself together and be patient. You have to learn to embrace it.

6 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Change And How To Embrace It

There are certain indications which show that you are about to undergo a change. If you pay proper attention and direct your thoughts the right way then you’ll step right into the new way of being. Monumental changes do not happen again and again. They happen once in a while. At one point you might feel that all that you have built is falling apart, all that you plotted seems absurd and uncertain now and everything you did until now seems vain but don’t fret. You’ll find your ground again. Here are a few signs that show that you are on the verge of transformation

Your Sleep Patterns Are No Longer The Same

6 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Change And How To Embrace It

When your well-laid plans are combusted and everything seems to be different obviously it is going to affect your sleep patterns. The feelings of anxiety may seem to surface and you might notice a change in your sleep routine. Either you may feel sleepy all the time or you may not get sleep at all.

But it is nothing too serious so don’t panic. Just listen to your body. If it wants to rest then give it rest. If you feel insomnia then just get up and read a book. If reading is not your interest than write a journal, watch a movie or play games. Just engage in something. Don’t just lay on the bed and let your thoughts wander. If your schedule doesn’t allow you much rest then wipe out your calendar and take a leave, rest it out and then get back to work.

Your Life Seems To Be ‘Stuck’

6 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Change And How To Embrace It

Sounds familiar? One of the signs of major life change is when everything in your life feels stuck or you feel out of place. You just feel out of sync. In fact, nothing seems to be in sync.

Everything is unfulfilling right now for you. Your relationship isn’t something you wanted it to be yet you don’t want to leave it, your job is not at all satisfying yet you can’t seem to quit it. Overall your life is so imbalanced yet you can’t make it right. In such transition, you start to judge others or blame others because you can’t own up to your own discontent or fear.

So what’s the solution for this? Just slow down the pace of your life and your mind. Don’t run in the rat race like others. You need to do nothing else but spend some time alone with yourself. Spending some me-time with yourself will help you uncover the truth of what’s actually going on. It will help you admit all the facts that you are scared to admit yourself. You can even spend some quality time with yourself by going on a solo trip, camping or a spa day.


People Are Leaving And Relationships Are Ending

As if the internal chaos isn’t enough your external life seems to be in chaos as well. Many relationships in our lives are built on the basis of co-dependency, need or necessity. The foundations of these relationships are not strong as those of love-based relationships. These relationships also seem to be on the verge of ending.

You seem to realize who really matters in your life and who wasn’t meant to stay in your life. You fail to realize what the actual problem is when everything was all okay from your side. The problem here is that we expect the kind of love and feelings we want to feel from them and tend to ignore the kind of love they are offering. We want them to be the source of love to us. You are not rejecting them and even they are not rejecting you but somehow you seem to be falling apart naturally. This experience of loss terrifies you. The feeling of loneliness seems to emerge.

It is natural to feel terrified but if people really want to leave then let them go. Maybe this might be temporary. You may feel vast amount of pain and sadness but it is all the part of the process. People who are meant to stay in life will stay with you even after all the drama and those who want to leave will leave anyway.


Finding Difficulty In Finishing Work Or Lack Of Concentration

6 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Change And How To Embrace It

You seem to be receiving complaints about your unfinished work or inadequate concentration at the workplace. No matter how much you try to make up for it you seem to be slacking. You seem to be pretty much unproductive recently. Even if you do have time you just can’t seem to get the work done. All this is due to the internal work that your mind is doing. Our bodies can handle only that much at a point of time. This might be the reason why you seem to be unproductive externally. We are not aware of it but our body and mind know it. We are totally unaware of it. Don’t overrun your body. Try to relax. Do what you have to do but don’t stress it. Don’t make a long to-do list and run to complete it. Because when you won’t be able to complete it you’ll feel even more anxious. That’s why do the things as and how they appear and don’t stress it.

You Can’t Contain The Emotions

You might be really very poised and controlled in all the situations and yet now you can’t contain your emotions. You don’t know why but raw emotions seem to spill out of you. You might never be the one to cry at the smallest things and yet now tears seem to well up in your eyes so easily. Don’t freak out about it. Don’t get frustrated with the feelings, let them move through you. Let them out. Laugh when you want to and cry when you feel like you want to. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you are weak. It’ll pass soon.

Negative energies around you might stimulate raw emotions in you, they might overwhelm you. It might be a possible reason why you seem to like your own company recently. You like to spend time alone or with the people who are not so close to you, just acquaintances.

New Energy Will Rise Soon

6 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Change And How To Embrace It

On the whole, you do not seem to recognize your own life. You look around and nothing is the same anymore. Is it because anything inside you changed or is it people who are changing? Don’t worry. As and how you realize the change is happening in your life you will create space for new things. Let it break through you. You’ll realize that it’s time you let go of the old ways, to let go of old issues and get over them. You’ll learn to balance the areas of your life. You’ll learn to embrace the spark of transformation.