6 Simple Ways to be loved and admired by all

Ever thought why that lady you like is admired and loved by all? What is it that she does which makes her so lovable? When you are good to people, you will always have advantages everywhere. People will always want to have you around them and any work that you have will be done faster than other people. So, naturally you have a larger circle of friends and acquaintances who will want to have your company at a moment’s notice. Despite the advantages that we all are aware of, it is hard to be nice all the time especially when you meet people who don’t really vibe with you. It feels greatly relaxing to be around someone who takes care of your comfort first. Just a few minutes of conversation feels like you have known them for a long time. So what is it that they do differently and you don’t?

6 Simple Ways to be loved and admired by all

Smile when you are around people


A smile can light up a person’s day. When you smile with sincerity, it shows on your face. Just like a genuine smile, a fake smile can be detected. Smiling at someone shows that you acknowledge that person’s presence with all your heart. It is an instant way to win over someone. When you love yourself and are content in the place that you are in, you will genuinely start expressing that in your actions and which also includes treating people right.


Be keen to know about others


Being able to communicate with people is a great trait to possess. However, make sure you don’t end up talking only about yourself and what you want. The key to a great conversation is to listen as well as to do that with some genuine intent. Good conversations happen when people engaged in conversations can ask each other questions, sometimes analyse when the need arises and provide opinions when asked for without being hurtful. Respect people’s space while communicating. If you can master the art of communication, you are sure to have enough friends around you.


Take a back foot if the situation demands

6 Simple Ways to be loved and admired by all

People who are love by all know how to empathise. Yes, you can have your confidence in place as well as your self-worth but still manage to make the other person feel better in a bad situation by pulling your own leg or making fun of a stupid thing that you did. It is all about doing the right things for other people by putting yourself in their shoes. If you only act selfishly and beat your own drums all the time, you will end up annoying people who will detest your company. It is good to know your accomplishments and be proud of every little thing that you achieved but don’t flash them all the time especially in the company of those who may not have been as lucky or fortunate as you are.


Be positive in all situations


Make yourself capable of looking at the bright side of every negative situation that life throws at you. A positive person will always point towards the silver lining when life gives you lemons. We live in hope of having better things in life, if not today, in the future for sure. Just like the good moments don’t stay for long, the bad days too have an expiry date. Harping on the wrong happenings and making excuses for them only makes you a life sucker and nobody will want to be around someone like that.


Be respectful at all situations

6 Simple Ways to be loved and admired by all

Treat everyone with respect regardless of their backgrounds. Don’t judge people and draw conclusions just by your assumptions. Whether or not someone has accomplished what you have, always be respectful of who they are as individuals. Now this does not mean that you start pleasing and it gets hard for you to say no to people who mistreat you. Being nice is good but being overly nice where you are driven to a point of being taken advantage of is worse.  If people don’t treat you right, don’t try and accommodate all the time. Speak up if you have to but make sure you have enough substance to support yourself. People will admire you more when you can take a stand not just for yourself but others too at the right time.


Spread happiness


Be happy at all times. Even when things get hard in life, put on a face that’s brave and no matter what you are going through make it a point to never hurt people because you are having a bad day. People will love you if you can look past your own emotions and needs at times and spread cheer and faith. Crack jokes and lighten up the atmosphere wherever you go. You will be an asset to people who know you.