6 simple ways to arouse your man unexpectedly!


You and him have been together for a while now, the two of you are in love, talking about a bright future together, but something is bothering you a little bit. He’s been tired lately and it seems it’s been ages since you last had sex. Real sex, I mean, like you had with your ex you’re starting to dream of again. Not that you miss him, it’s just that with him everything was an excuse for sex : from going to the movies, to driving at night …

In this article you will learn 6 useful tips to make the love of your life horny and passionate again.


Take care of yourself

Since the two of you moved in together, you’ve put on some weight, you don’t work out as much as you used to and you don’t feel bad your legs might sometimes be hairy.

It has to come from you, act if you had to win his heart, go to the gym, to the spa, be the prettiest. He will feel he has a new girlfriend at home, and this will make him look at you and want you even more than before.


Know your moves

Step two, you need to be sexy. All the time. Dress up to the nines when it’s a girls’ night out to make him jealous, walk like you had ten men following you when you’re going to the supermarket, wear lingerie, sleep naked, have breakfast wearing only his favorite shirt…

It should take him a day or two to notice something has changed (men can be slow), but don’t worry, once he does, your nights will be very short.


Let him know you miss him

Instead of asking him to buy what’s missing for diner, send him sexy text messages that will arouse his imagination and make him come home early. It’s up to you to be creative, but things such as “I’m waiting for you, naked” should trigger a real need for sex.


Surprise him

Your daily routine has killed that need for sex that existed at the beginning. Change it.. Easy example : pop in the shower, smile, don’t speak and just kiss him. He’ll be stunned at first but the two of you naked, under running water in a steamy bathroom should bring back old memories.


Make it all about sex

This fancy dinner he really insisted that you came with him is a perfect reason to act a bit inappropriately. Be playful, tease him by giving him that look you know he can’t resist, whisper in his ear all the thing you would like to do to him, right here, right now, or what you would want him to do to you.. Talk and tease !


Leave him no choice

Your old sexy confident self is back. Leave him no choice, undress him when he comes back from work, give him a sensual massage or go down on him. Make him feel that you want him, and that you love having sex with him, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Good sexy days should be back pretty soon

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