6 Spots you aren’t exfoliating but you should!

Many of us indulge in exfoliation of the face once or twice a week. Obviously, because we know it’s the key to glowing skin.

6 Spots you aren't exfoliating but should!

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But have you ever wondered that your other body parts may also have dead skin? There are parts of the body that you should be exfoliating along with your face. Read on to know about them:



6 Spots you aren't exfoliating but should!

We all hate it when our lipstick looks clumpy on our lips and also when our lips look dry and chapped. The solution for this is exfoliation. There are varieties of lips scrubs available in the market that can be used to exfoliate lips. You can even use a soft bristled toothbrush to make circular motions on lips, but don’t be too harsh as the layer of the lips is thin. If that doesn’t seem okay with you, try this easy DIY:

DIY Lip scrub

  • Take a pinch of white or brown sugar.
  • Add a dash of honey or coconut oil
  • Use it to scrub your lips



The bumpy skin on your arms may irritate you at times. Why not try exfoliation? Exfoliating your arms will not only help you in the removal of dead skin but will also help in waxing by removing the ingrown hair.  Use a gentle scrub and exfoliate your arms. But don’t be too harsh and try to use lukewarm water while washing it off. Apply moisturizer after this process.


6 Spots you aren't exfoliating but should!

We take care of the face, hands, and arms but we forget the fact that even the skin on the chest is exposed to the sun all the time. As a result of this the part of the body that easily gets sun spots and wrinkly. To stop this chest should be exfoliated at least twice a month.


6 Spots you aren't exfoliating but should!

We all have faced the after-shave bumps on our legs. They tend to get itchy sometimes. To avoid the irritation and bumps try exfoliating your legs with a smooth exfoliating gel. Replace your shaving cream with a gel in order to avoid the bumps and to get a smooth shave.


6 Spots you aren't exfoliating but should!

Exfoliating the butt!! Yes, I m serious. Butts have a lot of trapped ingrown hair. Not to forget the bumps and spots due to the tight clothes we wear and the friction caused due to various activities. No doubt we all be clean and have a good bath. But exfoliation is a must if you want to have a spotless derriere. So if you have those small pimples and want to bid them goodbyes then buy a good cleanser /exfoliator and get on with it.



6 Spots you aren't exfoliating but should!

Cracked heels are horrible nightmares. Heels are the most difficult to exfoliate and maintain. Even after proper care, we end up having cracked heels. It is utmost necessary to exfoliate the heels if you want soft and supple feet. Scrub at least thrice a week. Always apply a leg moisturizer or cream. Sleep with socks on after applying cream if you have extremely dry and cracked heels.

DIY scrub to soften the heels

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • Mix olive oil
  • Add a pinch of baking soda
  • Scrub with the mix to get softer and clean heels.

Long term exfoliation ensures that our skin looks best even if we age. It is also a good solution for acne prevention not only on the face but also on back, butt, chest and others.



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