6 Things to carry from the dating phase to your married phase!

We live in a generation that is slowly forgetting to believe in the forever kind of love. One of the major reasons for this can be the unrealistic expectations we have developed from our relationships. We have to understand that all relationships need work; not just in the dating phase but also after you marry the love of your life. What most of us have got it wrong is only dating needs the work and once you both are together most things just needs to be handed as a privilege. I am here to tell you some things that you should carry from your dating to your marriage to make it last forever.
6 Things to carry from the dating phase to your married phase!


Appreciate the efforts

When we are dating someone, we like to dress well, buy gifts and make the efforts to make them like us. But when we get into a relationship or marry them we tend to forget to appreciate them as much as we did before. How would you feel if you get ignored suddenly or stop getting the gifts or surprises you usually get? That’s exactly how your partner feels. They feel that they aren’t good enough for you anymore and they too stop making efforts. So, make efforts and appreciate when they make one.

Ignore the flaws

You loved the way you girl or guy was independent and open minded or a cheesy romantic and now suddenly these habits seem to annoy you. You knew all this about them and it is what makes them who they are. Then why would you start making a fuss about it after making a commitment? All it does is create a distrust in your partner’s mind about you. Also, they will be afraid to be themselves in front of you and make them bitter over time. So, ignore the flaws because you too have them and they don’t forget to love you because of them.

Don’t stop surprising

6 Things to carry from the dating phase to your married phase!
No matter what you may have heard, surprises make people happy (good surprises). You know those random chocolates and roses you buy them or the shirt you thought would look good on them. So, why would you wait for occasions to do that now? Just because you have won them over. If you feel that way then you are wrong my friend. As discussed before love needs work and effort all the time. You should still take flowers for them or make special dinner on random days just to show them nothing has changed between you both.

Show some PDA

6 Things to carry from the dating phase to your married phase!
Most people know this term for those who don’t it’s public display of affection. You know those couples who hold hands, hug each other and kiss in public. Well, that’s their way to show some PDA. They want their partner that they aren’t ashamed or afraid to let the world know about you. What most people do is they stop it after they get married using maturity as an excuse. There is nothing wrong in a little PDA now and then no matter what stage of the relationship you are in. It not only builds a stronger bond over the years but makes your partner feel really comfortable about their place in your life. Be a teenager all your life.

Don’t stop going out

Since after marriage you both start living together, most of your plans are at home. You try to only go out to celebrate things and stay home most of the time. But it wasn’t the same while you dated them. You constantly found reasons to go out and meet them. It could be a movie, a coffee or just a walk back home. This is what makes a relationship special. Don’t stop it. Go for movies on random days, wake up a morning and go for a drive to watch the sunrise. Life is beautiful when you have the love of your life to share it with you. Don’t lose it by sitting at home. Keep it all the same when it comes to telling your partner how much every moment with them means to you.

Let them be free

6 Things to carry from the dating phase to your married phase!
You know how you don’t want them staying late with their friends anymore or make other plans that don’t include you? Well, that is not loving them. You may think that they don’t love spending time with you as much as they like to with their friends. But that’s just you over analyzing the situation. They are their own person and they have friends and family too. You need to let them live their life and their love would only increase because of how free they feel with you. You should do the same with your life without any guilt. You both will always be each other’s priority but that doesn’t mean you live each single moment with each other.


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