6 Things to consider before posting your child’s photos

Things to keep in mind before posting your child's photos

Parents are usually the biggest fans of their children and whenever there is a chance to boast about their kids, they never miss a chance. They are flooded with happy emotions when they share about their child. Today, it is the world of the internet and social media has unquestionably become the storming force of communication. With dozens of apps, websites and other platforms, it is said to be an improved communication method. Social media allows an individual to share photos, videos, text, messages and much more.  Parents who actively use social media share their children’s photos online. There are certain very important things that parents must be aware of before lending out their child’s photos to the online audience.


  • ONLINE FORUMS ( Share Situations- Not Particulars)

Generally, new parents tend to seek parenting advice through online social sharing forums. A recent study said that such platforms immensely help parents extract help regarding their child’s sleeping patterns, eating habits, discipline and even their behavioral problems. There is nothing wrong in making use of such forums but what you need to know is that you should just ask for help and not get specifically involved. Specific involvement will make you share your child’s name and pictures which aren’t necessarily required.


  • BLOGS ( Tighten Security Settings)

A recent study reported that parents living in nuclear families tend to document every step of their child’s in their blogs in order to stay connected to their extended families and to feel less isolated. You need to understand that your child’s photographs can easily become a public property if your security settings aren’t at the topmost level. The information could be easily misused and chances of identity theft are at a great level.


  • FACEBOOK SUPPORT PAGES ( Gather Support But Respect Confidentiality)

Things to keep in mind before posting your child's photos

Advent of social media has resulted in uncountable advantages one of which is online support groups. Today, parents look for online funding and encouragement if their child suffers from a disease and if they are in a financial crisis. This is a great way to collect support from people across the globe but as a parent you should be aware that by sharing your child’s photos and info online, you are creating their digital identity. If your child is older, you must seek his/ her permission before sharing their info as digital footprints last forever and therefore, they should never be subjected to a case of cyber bullying. Before sharing their information, you should properly discern it as once posted then they are totally outside the realms of your control.


Steps to Assess Before you Post Anything Online


Step 1- Know Your Intention For posting your child’s photos

Ask yourself why you are posting the picture. If it is to just to get approval from your online friends that you are a good parent, then you need to rethink. This is a wrong approach as you are letting social media take control over your self-esteem.


Step 2 – Know how it will affect your Digital Image

Things to keep in mind before posting your child's photos

Before posting anything online, assess how it will affect your online image. For information not to get exposed to unwanted audience, make sure your privacy settings are intact.


Step 3- Know how it will affect your Child’s image

As said before, by posting your child’s  photos or info online you are leaving digital footprints. Assess all the possibilities, whether the post will affect your child’s circumstances or will he become a victim of cyber bullying or peer pressure.

After assessing all these steps, then only post your child’s data online.


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