6 Things I wish I knew in my teen years!

Do you ever, like me, wish to have a time machine? Just so that you could rewind back to your teen years and change few of the dumbest things you had done. I too wish the same and here are a few things I wish to tell the teenagers that no one told me then:

 6 Things I wish I knew in my teen years!

Your parents are not trying to ruin your life

Parents most definitely know what they are doing. It doesn’t always matter that they grew up in a different time and that they do not know what being a teenager is like in your generation. You think that they do not understand you, agreed! But maybe you are not trying at all. Cut some slack to them. They are still there for you all the time, aren’t they?  They will always be.

Infatuation is just that- Infatuation, not love

Teenage is a phase of life where we live in our own world. Parental love never seems to be enough. The attraction and attention we receive from opposite sex is all we want. We crave for it. Sometimes we date someone just because they like us and not because we like them. At that time it all seems so dreamy and the butterflies in your stomach are a proof of it. But trust me, it is all going to end and it’s not love if it ends.

Don’t give up just because you failed once

6 Things I wish I knew in my teen years!

Often teenagers have a fragile heart. Facing failure once takes a toll on their confidence level. In teen years, giving up is an easy way out. That’s what we opt for. Gena Showalter, an American author once said “Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” So don’t give up and remember, failure is not always bad, it is the first step to success. But that doesn’t mean you should repeat the same mistakes, mind you.

Enroll in the course or classes you always wanted to

Those guitar classes you wanted to join or those ballet classes or English lit classes or art that you thought you are good at. Give it a go. Trust me, teenage is the only time when you can learn few of these things. You’ll discover a few facets of your personality that you never thought existed or maybe you’ll come to know that after all, it is not your cup of tea. But you at least tried.

If they walk away, let them

6 Things I wish I knew in my teen years!

It is common to get into fights and lose some friends in the process. Some of the times you’ll feel lonely, you’ll cry and wonder -why you weren’t worth their friendship, why they didn’t bother to stick to you even after fights. Well if they left you when things got tough then they weren’t worth it anyway. Let them go.  Maybe a few years later, amidst a crowd when you’ll see each other again, you’ll hug and laugh at your foolishness.

Do things you love as crazy as they may seem to be

6 Things I wish I knew in my teen years!

You are a teenager, you can get away with most of the things you do just because you are one. Have fun, don’t be so serious. Parents and teachers are going to give you an earful but that’s okay as long as you are not grounded. Have stayovers at your friend’s home; spend your savings just to ride a roller coaster at fairs and so on. But don’t do something that might put you in a juvenile.

Teenage is never gonna come back. Live it to the fullest. This time will never happen again! Once you move on to 20-something people will expect you to shoulder all the responsibilities and be accountable for your life. If you too have faced the same things like me then comment in the section belowJ