6 Things men like in a woman other than just the appearance

The way you present yourself before others has a great influence on the way people judge or perceive who you are. Yes, for an instant attraction, that face and body does matter. This is undeniable no matter how shallow it might sound now. Men will check you out whether you notice that or not but they do have their own way of figuring out all your attractive assets. If you look amazing, you are sure to turn eyeballs wherever you go. Your appearance is truly the first pass to getting a guy to take an interest in you but that is not all. It is momentary. When he starts being around you or knowing you there will always be other factors that will catch his attention. If you are wondering what these are, here are few things that you need to know:

6 Things men like in a woman other than just the appearance

Play your feminine charm


Some people do love it old school. Now femininity is not old school  but rather this very beautiful asset of a woman’s persona has been associated with general weakness and submissiveness to the male dominance. The feminine grace is always attractive to all men. Some people try and downplay this very feminine grace that makes women so much more desirable by the opposite sex. This is a major strength that women should utilise when they are trying to woo a man they like. You can be in control of every situation and act strong while being feminine at the same time. You just need to play it right at the perfect time and space.

Be all smiles

6 Things men like in a woman other than just the appearance

Your smile can lift a person’s hard or boring day. So whether or not you have a great smile you should greet people in a warm manner. It just comforts the other person down. An all season gloomy face that known no humour or light heartedness can be a pain to deal with everyday. Now if you are wondering what makes a guy seriously interested is your ability to engage in conversations where you can tease him, pull his leg while still maintain the sort of mutual respect in the relationship.


Maintain some dignity


A woman with substance is attractive as hell. Just because you want to impress a guy, that does not mean you will forget who you are and how much your values should mean to you. Regardless of who it is, your self-respect and principles should always be in place if you really want to hold your head high in a relationship. A woman’s confidence is sexy. It feels great to be around a lady who knows what she wants and will not bend or falter when it comes to walking the talk. That sort of a personality attracts respect and love. This is far more attractive that just a face sans substance.


Be aware of what’s happening around you

6 Things men like in a woman other than just the appearance

Hot and beautiful is great. But you should work on your speaking abilities. Men love to be around someone who will not just speak but also make sense. Don’t play dumb just to make a man feel strong all the time. Have a mind of your own. That speaks a lot about who you are on the inside. If you only please his eyes, surely you can sleep with him for a few days but never will he think of you as a log tern investment of his time and energy. It is a huge turn off for a man to be with someone who has no understanding of the real world, no perspective or anything that could add to his life. Let’s be real: we do want to fall in love with someone who has something meaningful to add to our lives.


Good hygiene


Hygiene is super important. Being dirty is a great turnoff. Everyone likes being around someone who takes good care of themselves. You should smell good if you really want your fragrance to linger on him for long so that he think about you all throughout the day. Invest in skin care. Maintain a good intimate and oral hygiene. This might sound superficial right now but having a great skin that glows is reflective of what you eat and how you deal with everyday stresses. You may not flaunt a perfect figure but a good skin is always visible from right across the room.


Be positive always


Don’t ever deprecate yourself. Be strong and confident of who you have become and what you are supposed to be. You are doing quite well for yourself. When you are positive, you emit good vibes that people find comfort in. Your man might have his own set of issues. Make sure you have the ability to just calm him down and be right there for him when he needs you. If your are supportive and motivating of the man you like, he will always want to have you by his side.

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