6 Things men notice when they first see you!

Men are extremely simple creatures. Their brains are less complicated and chaotic when compared to women. They think as little as possible – but with that minimalistic thinking – they observe and notice a lot of things in a woman they first meet.

6 Things men notice when they first see you!


Here are a list of things men very carefully scrutinize on the first date with a woman. Take a note of the list and remember it the next time you’re out on a date with a charming man to blow his mind!


Your Countenance

Of course, the first thing he will notice is your face. Your face, facial features, the contours of your countenance and your expressions. He will be observing and rating your entire facial profile, so don’t forget to keep your face pretty and jovial!


Your Shape

6 Things men notice when they first see you!

Next thing he will see is your figure. The shape and framework of your body. From noticing how big or small your butt is to determining the size and feel of your boobs. How slim or healthy you are, how well-toned or malnutrition you have become, how short or tall you are, et cetera.



Keep in mind that you need to keep your Outfit of the Day simple and classy – don’t go overboard to impress your newly found man – or you might end up looking too eager or loud. Pick your clothes carefully. Don’t expose too much – dress for the occasion.

You can try various ensembles, for instance – ripped jeans coupled with a white cami and a light lapel-coat, or a mock-neck crop-top paired with a casual pair of shorts! Go for any style that suits your personality best.


Eye Movements

6 Things men notice when they first see you!

Your eyes can either win his heart or lose it, make him fall deep in love or run away! Eye makeup can be done to perfection but it all depends ultimately on what your eyes express, how they contact, how they play games, lure men, show attraction, coquettishness and emotions.


Shaking Hands

Mostly, when we are first introduced to someone, we shake hands. You will notice how men always have a really firm grip. That’s because they are getting the feel of your hands. Always keep them soft and moisturised.


Not Only How She Dresses, But Also How She Talks

6 Things men notice when they first see you!

Some men are quite shallow that way – they don’t care for how women speak or how far their knowledge and intellect goes – they only care about how she looks, how big her boobs are and all the other external temporary factors.

But there are men out there, who look for deeper things. Like how she talks, the sound of her sultry yet compassionate voice, how far her imagination goes, what kind of music she listens to, what she likes to read and how well they can connect.


So groom yourself for this man, for he will find you and explore the world with you to give both your lives infinite meaning and completion!


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