6 Things that you must expect from your partner!

All our relationships begin with the goal of finding happiness while in love. One of the many reasons that thing might not go as planned is that we either expect too much or too less. While when we expect too much even the slightest turn of events wound us when the latter happens we get trapped in bondage and not a relationship. Thus to be able to strike a perfect balance in a relationship it is essential that we know what we should definitely expect from our partners.



6 Things that you must expect from your partner!

Every relationship can be successful only when we see each other as equals which come from the mutual respect we have for one another. Your partner should understand where you come from in terms of the life you have lived so far which has made you all that you are right now and, acknowledge and appreciate all that makes you, you. It thus goes without saying that this respect should be mutual for only then can the balance be maintained.



6 Things that you must expect from your partner!

You don’t have to stick to each other’s hip all the time to truly be in love, but it is essential that your partner shares a considerable amount of time with you. Due to work schedules or other personal problems, it isn’t always possible to be able to devote the time we desire to our loved one and that is understandable. However, if he is skipping almost all opportunities to be with you then you should probably reconsider.



6 Things that you must expect from your partner!

This is an absolute must and it is needless to say that even loyalty goes both ways. Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship and its absence can have detrimental effects not only on the relationship but on you as an individual for this is what leads to jealousy, insecurities, and other negative aspects of a love life. It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner, cheating shouldn’t be ignored even once for love can’t sustain where commitment to the bond doesn’t exist.




Your partner should be the shoulder you can cry on during your low points. They need to be compassionate and empathetic towards the things that are important to you. It sure isn’t possible to read someone’s mind and that is here we err, however understanding your partner is the by which allows us to realize how the other feels. It is also important to maintain a balance in the flow of compassion between the couple.



6 Things that you must expect from your partner!

Intimacy is defined as close familiarity and friendship, and thus sex forms only one part of it. Being able to know everything about your partner and not just the facts of their life is what makes it easier for us to understand each other. Your affections and love should only grow with each passing day, which requires a whole-hearted release of emotions and not just the physical exploration of the body but of the heart and soul as well. Fancy dates and regular sex don’t define and intimate relationship for it goes beyond those moments is what helps the relationship grow.




There is a big difference between liking someone and loving them. First, we need to be able to tell the two things apart. Once you have got that down, the next step is to find out whether you partner shares the same feeling for you or not. Love can’t be one sided for then it has no way of continuing. Another thing of note here is to understand what the love means to you. While definition might be contradictory, if your partner feels they are in love with you even according to your definition, it is easy to cut them some slack.




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