6 Things that he does which shows you have an annoying boyfriend!

Relationships can be energy draining. This is especially true if you have someone who is constantly giving you sleepless nights, well, in a wrong way. While the annoying habits of your boyfriend may not be very clear, your instincts will never lie about what you feel about this man’s behaviour. Your man can sometimes get so much on your nerves that you might find it difficult to imagine your whole life with him. Here are a few things that your man does which are outright annoying. While this is not an exhaustive list, you will definitely be able to relate in case you man has been annoying you off late.

6 Things that he does which show you have an annoying boyfriend!

Forcible trying sexual experiences


Okay, so porn is exciting. So much so that your man wants to try out everything that’s show because he find that easily doable. But that’s just not normal. In fact you are no porn star and neither should you be forced to do something that you don’t feel comfortable with.  One of these is bizarre positions that kill your mood and also the all time cringe worthy anal! Trust me, that’s just not easy especially with regard to the pain the lady has to take and also the discomfort that forces frequent visits to the loo. Such a habit where your man disregards your opinions while trying out new experiences, is just too annoying![Read: Sexual Orientations And All You Need To Know About Them!]


Being drunk on important events


Your man may love alcohol more than you but that doesn’t mean that he should be drunk almost all the time and especially during those events where you have important people around you and you need him to be in his senses while he interacts with them. Also, his needs to practice some decency while being with you around your close ones. After all his social conduct matters when both of your are together or otherwise. You definitely don’t want to show them that your man is irresponsible and doesn’t know how to behave. Your man being inebriated almost all the time is pretty embarrassing for you and you shouldn’t be made to tolerate such an annoying behaviour. [Read: 10 Signs you have a bad boyfriend!]


When he behaves rudely

6 Things that he does which show you have an annoying boyfriend!

You deserve equal respect as much as your man demands so. Men can really annoy us to the level infinity especially when they are rude and they impose their opinions on us. If you find him snapping back at you when you ask him to help you or your want his honest opinion, it is really maddening. He should be courteous and respectful of what you feel. His sensitivity towards you should be present at all times and not only when things are convenient for him. Men sometimes forget that we just want to be treated well and with some care and pampering. This just the best way to melt a woman’s heart. [Read: 6 Ways to stay single unless you are ready to handle relationships]


Being ready with stupid complaints


Men can be often heard complaining that women take too long to get ready, or they are just too busy with make up or take hours to shop. If your man has these in his list, he can be very annoying. After all, he does like that perfect face when you have flawless makeup on, he does feel great when people compliment you and yeah if you have certain standards when it comes to shopping, that’s very understandable. These aren’t even things that they should be really bothered about. It does him no harm, right? So, coming up with lame complaints just to get back at you is something that is not just annoying but extremely stupid! [Read: 7 Habits of yours that are instantly killing his interest]


When he stares at other women


This is not to say that your man should turn blind and forget about everyone else around. It is absolutely okay if he does that when he is alone and even you cannot complain here because you do that too. But when you are with your man and he stares at women like he hasn’t seen one before and pretends that you are non- existent, it is extremely annoying to tolerate such acts. This makes your insecure and is also disrespectful because he doesn’t take pride in you enough. If he can do that in front of you, you don’t know the magnitude of his activities when you are not around. [Read: Why It’s A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign]

When he compares you with others

6 Things that he does which show you have an annoying boyfriend!

This is extremely irritating when your man starts comparing you with someone else. This can be his ex, colleague or just a random person he knows. It is so annoying that despite the fact that you take care of him and kill your sleep thinking about his well being, he is more bothered about someone else and wants you to be like that person. He should just go and try wooing that person instead if trying to demean you every single time he has a fight shows his disgust. [Read: 11 Changes that come over you after one bad relationship!]

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